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Mar 11, 2007 04:12 PM

Hostess Pudding Pies (any generic brands?)

Those horribly bad-for-yo, terribly delicious Hostess fried pies... They come in apple, cherry, etc, and they USED to make pudding ones too, which were discontinued around the early 90s. Does anyone know of another brand that makes a similiar pudding pie product? Or even a bakery that does these small fried pies? I am just simply craving these so very badly!! Any ideas would be appreciated. (I'm in Manhattan, but am happy to explore any borough for these!!)

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  1. Little Debbie has some fried fruit pies that should satisfy ... apple, cherry, and lemon

    A fair number of stores carry Little Debbie's products in NYC ...
    maybe someone can chime in with more specifics.

    I've also posted about Hubig's fried pies before.
    They have "Chocolate" pies and can be ordered online if you feel the need. Have a look at their products and take their virtual tour (from their homepage).

    Link --->

    1. According to they've been sited in NYC. I will have to go check out my fair share of bodegas & report back.

      On a similar topic, I found out Chocodiles are still alive, but only on the west coast. This place, will ship them nation-wide.

      What a trip down memory lane.

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        Purchased one at a Mobil gas station in the Lake George area for $0.99 on my way home from Montreal. Just ate half this afternoon. The pudding wasn't all that, but the crust was good. Not sure if it's even the same formulation as from my childhood.

        The thing is 500 plus calories & has 37% of the RDA for fat. No wonder I was a fat kid.

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          I just saw these actual Hostess Chocholate pudding pies yesterday at AMJO'S Deli in Hastings on Hudson NY

      2. The original comment has been removed