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Mar 11, 2007 04:03 PM

Searching for chicken with vinegar peppers recipe

My m-i-l had a transcendent dish at Hammersley's Bistro in Boston in the early 90's that she describes with incredible gusto. Sadly, she hasn't been able to replicate it, nor has she been able to find a recipe that approximates it. Can anyone help? It sounds amazing and I would love to surprise her with it when she comes over to dinner. TIA!

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  1. I know that Mark Bittman has a variation of Paul Bocuse' Vinegar chicken out there - but it doesn't contain peppers. Could you describe what you are after a little more clearly , please?

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      It is a chicken dish that contains vinegar-marinated peppers. I believe it is braised.

    2. There are a million recipes for chicken with vinegar peppers out there. It's an Italian standard.

      What about it made it so memorable?

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      1. re: C. Hamster

        C. Hamster, I have been able to find many recipes for chicken with vinegar, but not vinegar peppers. In All About Braising, Molly Stevens had a recipe for pork chops braised with vinegar peppers, but that didn't satisfy my m-i-law's criteria.

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          hammersley's signature dish is roast chicken. the accompaniments change, but the chicken has been on the menu since he opened. home ovens will never replicate what a commercial one can do for roasting meats. maybe that's part of the problem?

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            That's an interesting observation, hotoynoodle. Could definitely be part of the problem.

      2. Lidia B. has one, I am pretty sure. I think it's in the book I have at home. But I don't think it's braised.

        1. There are some very good braised vinegar chicken recipes in Patricia Wells' "Bistro Cooking." I don't have the book with me now, but there's also a Basque Chicken recipe that, I believe, includes peppers (don't recall whether they're fresh or pickled). While not exactly what you're looking for, these bistro-tested recipes might give you a good starting point for experimentation. Don't know about you, but I think detective work using taste-buds is fun.

          Another excellent vinegar chicken recipe (my favorite) is in "Saveur Cooks Authentic French."

          Good luck.

          1. In the Gourmet Garage cookbook there's
            Chicken With Shoes (Chicken In Shoes? you get the idea)
            The "shoes" are Greek peppers/pizza peppers/pepperoncini in a jar
            It's a stovetop braise with chicken parts, Italian pork fennel sausage, red bell peppers and onions. Deeeeeelicious crowd pleaser.

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              Definitely a crowd pleaser if you can find a good preparation.
              It's Chicken Scarpariello. The best I've ever had was many many years ago in Mamaroneck, NY . It has never ever been duplicated, thus my search goes on.
              I prefer the version w/o sausage and with chicken on the bone.