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Mar 11, 2007 03:44 PM

Gnocchi with matzo meal? And other ideas...

Am thinking of interesting ways to eat during Passover this year and after a successful first attempt making traditional gnocchi I thought that I might be able to make a pareve version using matzo meal in place of the flour called for in the recipe. Has anyone tried this with any success?

Any other delicious and interesting pareve recipe ideas are welcome as well, there is only so much matzo brei a girl can eat!

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  1. There was a recipe in Gourmet mag a couple of years back for polenta made with matzoh meal. You cooled it in a pan then cut into wedges and crisped in the skillet. Tasty.

    1. Since gnocchi are generally made with potato anyway, potato starch is a more natural way to go for the dry ingredients. Here's a version that's a favorite by us. It's on a photocopied page and I've unfortunately lost the source (I'll keep looking)

      2 10oz pkgs frozen leaf spinach
      1 cup ricotta
      1 cup grated parmesan
      1/2 cup potato starch
      2 egg yolks
      1/2 tsp salt
      dash nutmeg

      Thaw & drain/squeeze spinach, and mix with remaining ingredients to make a dough. Form into gnocchi and boil until they float. (I find I have to let the dough rest, and then boil them a little extra, or else the potato starch doesn't fully cook).
      Pour melted butter on top and sprinkle parmesan and bake in gratin dish, or serve with cheese sauce. (I use gorgonzola sauce)

      1. The Polenta recipe is actually in the Union Square Cookbook - the first one. And it's a regular at my house during Passover. The gnocchi tho are a great idea. No reason not to be able to eat that during Passover! Thanks for the recipe.

        1. In my cooking class I have a week of, "I can't believe it's unleavened" dishes including the following:

          Matzagna (soak the matza first for a couple of minutes, then place in pan like noodles

          Matzacopita - I got this recipe from NPR: Layer sheets of matza with wet papertowel (about 15 sheets matza/paper towel). Flip over, cut into long strips, fill with spanikopita filling and shape like a triange/flag phyllo

          Matzabrittle: I got this recipe from cooking light. Make a brittle (carmelized brownsugar, butter, etc), pour over toasted matza, bake till bubbly, then lay final layer of chocolate chips that melt onto the matza..

          I love the challenge of using Matzo for things not typically assoicated with a dry piece of cardboard. I'm interested in reading other's "fun with unleavened foods"...please share yers!

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            Marcy Goldman, the Canadian cookbook author, claims to be the originator of the Caramel Matzah Crunch recipe. It's become ubiquitous and is a regular at our house. Since every single version of that recipe I've seen is identical I see no reason to dispute Goldman's claim.

          2. I was just flipping through Joan Nathan's Jewish Holiday Cookbook last night looking for some inspiration for Passover this year.

            I noticed that she has a Passover recipe for gnocchi. I've never tried it, but I'm sure it would work -- her recipes usually do!

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              Ah, that might in fact be where the one I posted came from!