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Anchor Steam Brewery

Has anyone ever gone on a tour at the brewery? What's the tasting situation like? Do they have a restaurant attached? Thanks!

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  1. I took a tour many years ago. It was interesting, as the steam brewing process is different from how most beer is brewed. There was a nice tasting room. There was no restaurant or brew pub then and I don't think that has changed. You should call them for current info.

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      what neighborhood is this in? What part of San Francisco?

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        Potrero Hill at 17th and Mariposa.

        Anchor Brewing Co
        1705 Mariposa St, San Francisco, CA 94107

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        That really is such a good blog. And in this case, it is definitely everything you ever wanted to know about the Anchor Steam Brewery tour.

      2. Ooh, thanks. That sounds fabulous.

        1. My neighbor works there and we've taken groups of visiting relatives and a group from my office. When we went as a group they had hot dogs for us at the end of the tour in the pub. Not sure if we got special treatment from our buddy or if that's standard for group tours.

          1. I'll tell ya, when they bring in a new load of hops and break it open on the floor, the perfume is incredible.

            Maybe the only craft brewery to survive Anheuser Busch, Miller, and G. Heilman's takeover from the 70's through the 90's, it's something San Francisco is justly proud of.

            When I started dealing with breweries, Anchor Steam was referred to with tones of awe and reverence. Shucks, I didn't know what they werre talking about. Times have changed - coming full circle from the time when there was nothing but craft brewers, it's beer heaven again.

            Check the Anheuser Busch tour in Fairfield to put Anchor Steam in perspective.

            Best part: The freshest beer around is at the brewery before it's packaged. Cheers!

            1. I think it all has been covered, but my reply:

              Tour definately worth doing
              Don't count on food after the tour
              You can definately drink a good amount, and it is very casual.

              1. Goat Hill Pizza is literally a block away from this the brewery and they serve great normal-thickness sourdough crust pizza.

                They also have Anchor on tap!

                1. The tour is fantastic! You learn about the process of beer-making and then you get to sample each of the beers that are currently in-season. After sampling each, I was able to drink as much as I wanted of whichever beer I wanted. There wasn't any food, but I second the suggestion of Goat Hill Pizza. YUM!

                  1. Thanks for all the info. I'll definitely have to schedule a tour for the next time I'm back in town.

                    1. Re: Goat Hill...they use to have an all you can eat Pizza night (was it Mon?). If you timed Anchor right you continue on to GH and do an old fashion double gut busting...lots of beer and lots of pizza.

                      1. They still have all you can eat pizza on Mondays...it is called Neighborhood Night. I've heard it is marvelous fun, but that it gets a little too crowded, so its a good idea to go early, or maybe late.