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Mar 11, 2007 02:28 PM

Noodle Shops and Omakase in Vegas

Will be heading out to Vegas next month for NAB and am looking to find an authentic Japanese Noodle shop (ramen, udon, etc), I've done a number of searches but I'm curious what the locals go when they got the craving for some noodles they can slurp, slurp to. I'm also looking for a place that serves omakase for lunch, if thats even an option, that we can do for $50.00 or less. Any suggestions? Thx.

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  1. Try Togoshi Ramen on Twain and Paradise, I think.

    1. Being a veteran of a few NAB trips to Vegas from LA, make sure you have all your reservations NOW! What a zoo. Maybe you have your reasons, and I don't want to second guess you if you're set on it, but why eat sushi in Vegas when we have such great sushi at home? There are so many wonderful lunch and dinner places in Vegas, although I never had any luck getting out to lunch during the NAB.

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        Hee, that was a co-workers request for the sushi, youre right, there are enough options in LA so in Vegas I'd rather try dining at the counter at Joel Robuchon. Hopefully a nice client or co-worker will treat me, LOL. I'd like to try Rosemary's and Lotus of Siam, since all the hounds seem to rave about 'em.

      2. Pho Vietnam in the Chinatown complex on Spring Mountain Rd.