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Mar 11, 2007 02:16 PM

do you ever watch Aussie-Chinese chef Kylie Wong?

the show has a nice sensual feel to it that is unusual for a cooking show. i like the background music. it is a pre-taped show. NOT on the food channel. cant remember her network in the USA-- Fine Living?? she also owns a well regarded rest. in Sydney. I guess she is a cooking superstar down under. Any Aussies out there who can comment on her??

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  1. it is kylie Kwong. she is on Discovery Home Channel in the states.

    1. She was on the Food Network Canada for a while, and although her cooking's quite interesting and it is a pretty decent show, she does display some misunderstanding about some aspects of Cantonese cuisine terms and techniques every once in a little while.

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        I like her show a lot - it does have a very chill vibe. I think it is still on Food Network Canada but somewhat randomly (I think sometime on Sat. or Sun. afternoon). It may be me, but I find that her voice is way deeper (and of course, with an aussie accent) than I would expect from looking at her, which can be weird sometimes...

      2. Kylie Kwong is very popular in Australia for her fresh, sometimes less traditional approach to Chinese cuisine (I am an Aussie) - her cooking show also appears in Britain. Although I haven't seen her show yet, I was leafing through her new cookbook at Barnes & Noble on the weekend, and thought it looked interesting and very well presented.

        1. I used to watch her show all the time on Food network Canada, I have used a bunch of her ideas!

          1. I have seen it a couple of times, somewhat randomly as others have said.

            I did spot her about two weeks ago while visiting San Francisco. She was at Zuni Cafe.