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do you ever watch Aussie-Chinese chef Kylie Wong?

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the show has a nice sensual feel to it that is unusual for a cooking show. i like the background music. it is a pre-taped show. NOT on the food channel. cant remember her network in the USA-- Fine Living?? she also owns a well regarded rest. in Sydney. I guess she is a cooking superstar down under. Any Aussies out there who can comment on her??

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  1. it is kylie Kwong. she is on Discovery Home Channel in the states.

    1. She was on the Food Network Canada for a while, and although her cooking's quite interesting and it is a pretty decent show, she does display some misunderstanding about some aspects of Cantonese cuisine terms and techniques every once in a little while.

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        I like her show a lot - it does have a very chill vibe. I think it is still on Food Network Canada but somewhat randomly (I think sometime on Sat. or Sun. afternoon). It may be me, but I find that her voice is way deeper (and of course, with an aussie accent) than I would expect from looking at her, which can be weird sometimes...

      2. Kylie Kwong is very popular in Australia for her fresh, sometimes less traditional approach to Chinese cuisine (I am an Aussie) - her cooking show also appears in Britain. Although I haven't seen her show yet, I was leafing through her new cookbook at Barnes & Noble on the weekend, and thought it looked interesting and very well presented.

        1. I used to watch her show all the time on Food network Canada, I have used a bunch of her ideas!

          1. I have seen it a couple of times, somewhat randomly as others have said.

            I did spot her about two weeks ago while visiting San Francisco. She was at Zuni Cafe.

            1. This is probably not the best way to describe it, but I feel that the production is a bit...melodramatic. Every show seems to have at least one shot of her glancing off at a distant thinking some deep, contemplative thoughts, with some moody music in the background. For goodness sake, it's a cooking show, not a show on meditation. I much prefer the show that precedes hers--a Canadian production, I believe--not sure of its name, something like Chef at Home? (on the Discovery Food Channel).

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                I personally like his other show, Chef at Large, it gives an interesting insight to other locales were food is made. However, the Chef at Home show would be better if it didn't have that strange music... sounds like some sort of soundtrack to a brainwashing cult.

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                  Yes, I know what you mean about the soundtrack to Chef at Home! I found myself humming it the other day and wondering where in the heck I got it from. Then I realized it was from the show. Be scared...be very scared....

                  I haven't seen or heard of Chef at Large. What channel is it on?

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                    Chef at Large is on the Food Network Canada fairly regularly. Basically Michael Smith goes around to various places looking at how the food operations work for places from the Bellagio to non profit social programs that teach people how to make careers in the food service industry to the cooks of the Canadian Military. I think it gives a pretty broad and interesting view of the industry in general.

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                      I really like Chef at Large. It gives real insight into the food industry.

                      Chef at Home is a bit creepy, but some of the recipes he has are quite good.

                      I hate Kylie Kwong. Pretentious show with some very bad production values.

              2. Kylie is slick.. very slick.. easy to watch, well produced... I watch her for the food "porn" factor. Her recipes tend to be overcomplicated (as many asian dishes are). I don't have the time or the wherewithall to source and hand grind 98 different spices.. and I live and work in the heart of Asian Melbourne (aus), where most of her ingredients are cheap and easy to come by.

                She reminds me of an early Nigella.. lots of whistful looks and soft focus. But food wise, I find her rather inaccesible. Her roast chicken with an asian twist, is about as simple a recipe of hers as I've seen. Other than that, much of her "stuff" doesn't translate to the home kitchen too well.

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                  Well produced? I've seen so many boom mikes on that show it's ridiculous.

                  And Asian food is overcomplicated? Maybe if Kylie Kwong is making it.

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                    I agree w/you that she makes Asian food overcomplicated. I am of Asian descent, cook Asian food regularly, and am a bit miffed at how inaccessible she often makes it come across. There has not been one dish of hers that I wanted to try, b/c they are unnecessarily overwrought. It annoys me even more b/c there is a dearth of Asian cooking shows on TV, and we need each one we can get! If people walk away thinking that all Asian food is as much a production as KK makes it seem, then it's no wonder they'd fade out.

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                      I agree -- visually, her show is stunning and gorgeous to look at but i think she really really plays up the asia-exotica-mystery thing and makes the cooking inaccessible to sometimes just down right silly: I remember one old episode where she made comfort food: fried egg mixed with rice, soy sauce and chili -- we make it all the time at home and without the perfectly julienned chili peppers thank you!

                      on another note, other asian friends of mine tell me that her cooking is more singaporean than traditional cantonese.

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                        Her cuisine is not even close to Cantonese. It's more mainland Chinese, esp. with her use of chilies.

                        Most canton dishes are light and delicately seasoned.

                2. I'm new to Kylie Kwong ... I just found the show on Discovery Home about two months ago. I like it alot and find the food very interesting but for me, it's to complicated to make. I love to cook but hate spending hours in the kitchen.

                  but the show is easy on the eyes and the food looks interesting enough that I want to watch her make it.

                  1. I actually like the show. And as to some of the folks saying her recipes are complicated -- sometimes you do need to take the extra steps like crushing a zillion spices in a mortar and pestle to make the dish come alive. While her dishes aren't very weeknight-friendly, I'm willing to do it if I have the time.

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                      I like the show as well, if mostly for the appreciation I get for the sensual aspects and careful process involved in her cooking. I don't think her recipes are overly complicated, but they do have underlying structure and rules that many home chefs may resist. Maybe it's her background in graphic design.

                      She does celebrate the exotic in her show, no question. I don't mind. I guess her sunny Australian disposition makes it all go down smoothly.

                    2. Kylie Kwong is shown on Travel & Living in Latin America. Her recipes are OK, but the show itself is somehow unpleasant.

                      1. My boyfriend says the music and production values remind him of soft-core porn. I rather like the show...enjoyed the last one where she cooked pork belly.

                        1. I love Kylie and have made a few of her recipes which have turned out generally well. The recipe for fried rice is especially good.

                          One BIG problem with her new series is the unbelievably bad and loud background music. It's so disconcerting I almost can't watch the show.

                          But I love when Kylie is calmly, Zenly sitting on her chair gazing into the distance waiting for something to cook. I've never had that Zen moment; I'm always doing the dishes, taking out the garbage or desperately washing the kitchen floor before the guests arrive.

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                            I've never had those Zen moments while cooking either. What do you think she's thinking about? Her syndication checks? Unicorns?

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                              I think my chef would hit me on the head with a saute pan if I ever did that during service...