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Mar 11, 2007 02:06 PM

Storing Green Onions/Scallions

Um...yeah...I have a question.

What is the best way to store green onions/scallions?

I have been unsuccessfully storing them in the fridge. First in a plastic bag with the end open...forget it in just a day or so, it gets all gooey and full of moisture. Then, I just tried to store it in the fridge without a plastic bag and the green parts gets all limp and only lasts about 2 days in the fridge.

I love to keep green onions in the house but, I don't want to have to run to the store everyday for fresh green onions. Ideally, if I could keep them say about a week at the most that would be great.

Any of you 'hounds have any advice for storing green onions/scallions to make them last a little bit longer than 2 days in the fridge?


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  1. stand them up in a glass of water (just up tocover the white parts); then put a plastic bag around the entirety of the glass + onions and tie it closed.

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      This is a great way to keep parsley as well.

    2. Two things- I keep them around because they are so versatile and they are usually 10 bunches for 98 cents at the Korean market. I don't put them in the thin plastic bags. I put them in the bigger handle bags. The thin ones seem to cling to the onions and promote that slime thing. Also you may not be getting the freshest ones to begin with. Compare yours to another market or two and consider a switch. Also if you notice a lousy looking "leaf" layer- pull it off. Slime promotes slime- kinda like one rotten orange sends the whole bin off.

        1. Wrapped in paper toweling, kept in a store veg bag loosely wrapped around them but not "sealed", they keep forever in my fridge. Sure, you lose the occasional outer leaf after a whlie (quite a while in my experience), but that's it. The paper toweling thing works on a lot of vegs.

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            Yes, the very slightly damp paper towel works wonders for me...not wet, just barely damp. I do get at least a week out of mine.

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              A piece of paper towel w/ lettuce seems to also help keep it longer and reduce quick onset sliminess.

            2. I also make sure to remove the rubberband around them, if there is one - I find that helps.