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Waterbury CT Chow Report

I wanted to start a thread about Waterbury, I will provide some basic info. There are many other places that I haven’t listed, I hope other people can fill in the gaps so we can use this as a resource in the future. I included some photos.

La Cazuela - West Main Street - It served Dominican food if I remember correctly. They have just completed a lounge in the back.

Peruvian Corner - Meadow Street - They have good, affordable Peruvian.

Suzy's West Indian - Baldwin Street - They have your typical West Indian stuff, ginger beer, plantains, etc...

International Market - South Main Street - They have items from all over the world. There is a lot of stuff catering to the local Albanian and Italian community, but she also carries weird, random items. This week she had Australian goulash in a can. Who knows what she will have next month.

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    1. Well, there's Jamaican at Caribbean Kitchen on Walnut Street
      Portuguese at Lisboa on Lafayette Street
      Barbecue at Uncle Willie's on Chase Avenue (was there last night, real good, with Bobby Blues Bland singing real, real good)
      D'Amelio's for Italian (still with decent neighborhood feel after remodeling)
      Brazilian at Brazil Grill on South Main St. (market, too)
      I second La Cazuela (you want a dollar menu? try the cod pattie, potato ball filled with meat, cassava filled with meat, blood sausage, sweet plantain filled with meat--a buck apiece)
      Try breakfast at Top O' the Mornin' restaurant on South Main or a grinder at Nardelli's.
      Still only scraping the surface here.
      (And don't miss Avventura Deli on America St.)

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        I was eating dinner at one of my Brazilian spots in Bridgeport recently and passing the time by thumbing through one of the free weekly Brazilian newspapers. I saw an ad in the classified section stating that Lisboa in Waterbury is for sale.

      2. What do you think about the pizza in Waterbury? I love New Haven pizza myself but I think that further up the valley they seem to have a style with a slightly thicker crust that can be equally delicious. I don't live in Wtby but I've had some fine pizza there. I'm wondering what the opinon is of someone who lives there.

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          Vito's Pizzeria in Wolcott makes an excellent thin crust pie.


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            If you're willing to travel outside of Waterbury to Middlebury, Perrotti's on Store Road rivals anything that Wooster Street in New Haven has to offer. Both thin crust and Sicilian (thicker), which is my taste. Homey atmosphere, neighborhood gathering place, and the owners are wonderful people.

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              Perotti's in Middlebury - best pie next to NH

            2. I think there's lots of good pizza in Waterbury but nothing great. It is thicker than a New Haven pie. I like Mario's on Watertown Ave. I used to like Bacco's but not since Sammy sold it (and his good family name) to some Albanians.

              1. Cubata Bar and Grill - South Main Street – Brazilian

                Wayside Market – South Main Street – Portuguese and Brazilian products, they also have a short order grill

                Los Arcos – South Main Street – a small Mexican market that serves a set meal on the weekends. The cook is from Oaxaca.

                Mikey’s Jamaican Restaurant – East Main Street

                La Vijenita – 1812 East Main Street – Colombian, sit down and take out.

                Noujaim Middle Eastern Bakery/Grocery – East Main Street – Lebanese baked goods, tabbouleh, hummus…

                Peruvian Corner – East Main – another Peruvian place, good food, nice family runs the place.

                Mi Pueblito – Meriden Road – Mexican grocer and they offer snacks during the week and a sit down meal on the weekends. I forget which region of Mexico the cook is from.

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                  I am originally from Waterbury but lived all around the country and every time I come back for a visit I have to get my jamaican patty fix at Mikey's. The goat and ox tail are also out of site!

                2. A couple of places--new and old--on Lakewood Road. New is a Lebanese restaurant called Cedars, old is the Lakewood Social Club, where lunch is served on weekdays.

                  1. I forgot to mention Berties West Indian on North Main Street.

                    And this is off topic, but if you are in Waterbury you have to be sure to check out the Cass Gilbert District downtown. Gilbert was the architect that designed the Woolworth building in Manhattan, he also designed six buildings in downtown Waterbury. And while you are there check out the famous Union Station Clocktower.

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                      Are any of these places convenient to I-84? I pass through Waterbury frequently on long-distance drives and would stop... please advise?

                    2. Wayside Market on South Main Street in Waterbury has the absolutely BEST roasted chicken. The sauce that they baste it with is to die for!
                      Only problem is you need to order it ahead of time on the weekends...it goes FAST.

                      1. Ann's Deli on the corner of Balwin St. & Edin Ave. in Hopeville in the South End is the best deli anywhere.

                        I grew up there and miss it terribly in NYC. Italian cold cuts, sliced to order, weighed out and matched with lettuce, tomato, roasted red peppers and hot sauce (gratis!) is impossible to find in NYC. Ann's Deli gets their rolls and breads delivered fresh everyday from local bakeries and they also have great salads, meatballs, sausage & peppers, and a small selection of groceries.

                        This is a family owned business that can be really busy at lunch time, but you can call ahead and pick it up. By the time you get there, your order will be ready. I don't think that it's open on Sundays.

                        Unlike pretentious places, they don't have rely on exotic brioche, forcaccia or cibatta. Instead they use hard rolls, Portuguese rolls, or sliced breads. They don't do grilled chicken caprese or anything with tapenade. But, the sandwiches combine fresh meats or salads with fresh bread and haven't raised their prices much in 15 years. You will not pay $10 for a meal here, but you will be full and satisfied.

                        I like roast beef "with everything" (lettuce, tomato, oil & vinegar, hot sauce, and roasted red peppers), chef salad (with olives, salami, pepperoni, American and provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion), meatball grinder with provolone cheese heated up, sausage & peppers, and seafood salad sandwich but really everything is great here.

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                          Try Todaro's on Second Ave and 30th St in NYC. They have what you crave

                        2. Anyone know what happened to the small tavern on Highland Ave in the Town Plot Section called " The L"? They had a great beer selection and some great live music. I called the number and it said it was no longer in service. This place had good burgers too.

                          1. Mikey's Jamaican on E.main - incredible and so affordable - everything is good.
                            La Cazuela, the pappas rellenas are amazing, and only $1, the tostones and roast pork with skin are something I miss terribly living here in Texas. They are also open 24 hrs. beat that!
                            pizza is generally good everywhere in CT, compared to TX. I love Ro's in Watertown. Thin crust - plum tomato sauce and a slightly charred crust.
                            The breakfast at Top o' the morning is excellent.
                            Nardelli's subs are the best with the marinated chopped peppers and their own house sodas.
                            Waterbury bakery has the most incredible bread, seeded rye that is as tangy as san fran sourdough, makes the best toast you've ever had.
                            Blackie's hot dogs, in southington, just outside of waterbury is legendary.
                            Just to name a few.
                            god i miss CT!

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                              Waterbury Bakery sounds great, but I can't find a trace of a bakery under that name. Can anyone help?

                              1. re: Jim Leff

                                I think that it is Brooklyn Bakery in Waterbury that ginger7949 is referring to. It's a very small bakery located on John Street in the Brooklyn section of Waterbury. I haven't had it in a few years, but it used to be quite wonderful!!

                                1. re: joan mar

                                  found it, thanks!

                                  Brooklyn Baking Co‎
                                  8 John St
                                  Waterbury, CT 06708
                                  (203) 574-9198


                            2. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/491314 <-- that's my contribution towards the Waterbury boards, but are we going to just list place names and one sentence descriptions? maybe that's all that's necessary because it seems like a lot of you guys know all about these places...are we all from Waterbury here posting on these boards? I go to UCONN up there, but i don't know the neighborhoods that well....

                              for example, there's a listing of a place on Baldwin St, which luckily i know of and wouldn't go into if they were giving out 100 dollar bills with every order.

                              also, someone mentioned D'Amelio's and its "neighborhood feel" but the last time i had to use the Peoples bank ATM next door, i had to navigate the side street lined with high-end imports, and a Waterbury native buddy of mine had to explain that D'Amelios had valet service some nights of the week...

                              if this is how we're doing things, My additions are:

                              Anatolia's (Turkish cuisine) next to Nardelli's and

                              Whooster Pizza across the street from the bowling alley on lakewood.

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                                I'm glad someone pointed out the problem with this thread. We're looking to get some food near I-84, but there haven't been 2 votes for any one place, and there's not much description, either. So, what's good, perhaps kid-friendly, close to 84? Would any of the pizza places mentioned here fit that bill?

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                                  After many subsequent visits, I think Anatolia is the best turkish restaurant I presently know. Their soups are stunning, their mezzas have integrity, and their kebabs are intense. Dessert can be slightly variable. VERY kid-friendly, and RIGHT off the highway.

                                  Here's a map: http://tinyurl.com/4zoq2m

                                  spread the word...this place needs 'hound support....

                                  1. re: Jim Leff

                                    You know, I tried Anatolia on the recommendation of fellow Chowhounders, and I was quite underwhelmed. After such good reviews, and before it was even advertising in the paper, I dragged my sister, a fellow chowhound and a food writer/editor for food magazine, to Anatolia. Both of us were quite disappointed. As I live a little closer to Waterbury than West Haven, which is where I usually travel when a Turkish craving hits, I had high hopes that I'd have a reliable local place for Turkish food. But, the dips at Turkish Kebab House were far superior to those at Anatolia, and the shish kebab was about equal, although I wanted yogurtlu shish and it wasn't on the menu. They kindly accomodated my request, but the bread was not nearly as fresh or good as the West Haven place, and the yogurt was not as good, either. I do plan to give Anatolia another try; perhaps with more business the food will evolve, but, most likely, since both restaurants are about half an hour from my home, I'll be choosing to go to Turkish Kebab House.

                                    1. re: chowgirl

                                      Sorry you were disappointed, chowgirl! I'd suggest that more specific criticism might better convey your experience, but it sounds like you were simply underwhelmed, period, and that's certainly a useful data point to have in the discussion (no restaurant in the history of Chowhound, no matter how loved, has failed to attract dissenting opinions, and I wouldn't have it any other way!). Different folks really do have different strokes. Most of all, I'm glad you have a place to go for Turkish that does it for you! (and I'll definitely try it one day).

                                      It's unlikely you hit an "off day", as the same chef cooks all meals - and in my experience he's as consistent as he is outstanding.

                                      1. re: Jim Leff

                                        Former Waterburian (now in FL w/no good pizza). Loved Vinnie's pizza in Middlebury. Amalfi's is good too. Bacco's is just a memory. I miss a cold martini at Diorio's on Friday... and of course their food. Carol Peck's Good News Cafe in Woodbury (I know, not Waterbury) is a fine chowhound choice. Her amazing seasonal menu suits everyone in your party. I grew up on the Lithuanian rye bread at the Brooklyn Bakery. Dark or light rye.D'Amelios is a great place for Italian food if it hasn't changed. Can you still get Militi's bread on a sandwich at Nardelli's? Yummy bread when fresh. Sweet Maria's bakery in the east end is a terrific bakery for special occasions.... I will be back for a visit...

                                  2. re: ckp

                                    Brass City Bistro on Hamilton Ave. right off exit 24 is a great find. Good food! Nice atmosphere! Menu prices are very fair; the specials are quite a bit more, but everything my friends and I had was delicious. I have recommended it before on a separate thread.

                                  3. re: ctdubbin

                                    I'm throwing a big thumb's up at Anatolia too. This place is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I have not had one thing on the menu that I did not like. The food is prepared with a balance of both restaurant quality and home-cooked simplicity. It is one of the few places I've eaten where when you leave you know you've eaten well. The bread, the kebabs, the desserts, all home runs.

                                    Some of my favorites there: Donar Kebab, Adana Kebab, Manti (pasta), the complimentary fresh bread, Hayadari (dill & yogurt dip), and the fried milk pudding dessert (I forget the name).

                                    Reasonably priced and right on the I84W Exit 25 Entrance access road.

                                    For those of you who've never had Turkish, it's basically grilled meats and vegetables with light spice.

                                  4. Wanted to throw my 2 cents in here also...

                                    La Cazuela is still fantastic, but someone in this thread said they're open 24 hours... They're not. They actually have fairly weird hours (I called to confirm they would be open at 7pm on a Friday, and they said they were closing at 5), which I think may have something to do with the lounge they opened.

                                    In any case, La Borrinquena on South Main is really good. Family owned and operated. They get pretty busy around lunchtime during the week, but similarly to La Cazuela they have items available for $1... beef patties, chicken patties, potato balls... Also, from what I've seen, they speak limited English. Just a heads up. :]

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