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Mar 11, 2007 01:44 PM

Waterbury CT Chow Report

I wanted to start a thread about Waterbury, I will provide some basic info. There are many other places that I haven’t listed, I hope other people can fill in the gaps so we can use this as a resource in the future. I included some photos.

La Cazuela - West Main Street - It served Dominican food if I remember correctly. They have just completed a lounge in the back.

Peruvian Corner - Meadow Street - They have good, affordable Peruvian.

Suzy's West Indian - Baldwin Street - They have your typical West Indian stuff, ginger beer, plantains, etc...

International Market - South Main Street - They have items from all over the world. There is a lot of stuff catering to the local Albanian and Italian community, but she also carries weird, random items. This week she had Australian goulash in a can. Who knows what she will have next month.

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    1. Well, there's Jamaican at Caribbean Kitchen on Walnut Street
      Portuguese at Lisboa on Lafayette Street
      Barbecue at Uncle Willie's on Chase Avenue (was there last night, real good, with Bobby Blues Bland singing real, real good)
      D'Amelio's for Italian (still with decent neighborhood feel after remodeling)
      Brazilian at Brazil Grill on South Main St. (market, too)
      I second La Cazuela (you want a dollar menu? try the cod pattie, potato ball filled with meat, cassava filled with meat, blood sausage, sweet plantain filled with meat--a buck apiece)
      Try breakfast at Top O' the Mornin' restaurant on South Main or a grinder at Nardelli's.
      Still only scraping the surface here.
      (And don't miss Avventura Deli on America St.)

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        I was eating dinner at one of my Brazilian spots in Bridgeport recently and passing the time by thumbing through one of the free weekly Brazilian newspapers. I saw an ad in the classified section stating that Lisboa in Waterbury is for sale.

      2. What do you think about the pizza in Waterbury? I love New Haven pizza myself but I think that further up the valley they seem to have a style with a slightly thicker crust that can be equally delicious. I don't live in Wtby but I've had some fine pizza there. I'm wondering what the opinon is of someone who lives there.

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          Vito's Pizzeria in Wolcott makes an excellent thin crust pie.

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            If you're willing to travel outside of Waterbury to Middlebury, Perrotti's on Store Road rivals anything that Wooster Street in New Haven has to offer. Both thin crust and Sicilian (thicker), which is my taste. Homey atmosphere, neighborhood gathering place, and the owners are wonderful people.

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              Perotti's in Middlebury - best pie next to NH

            2. I think there's lots of good pizza in Waterbury but nothing great. It is thicker than a New Haven pie. I like Mario's on Watertown Ave. I used to like Bacco's but not since Sammy sold it (and his good family name) to some Albanians.

              1. Cubata Bar and Grill - South Main Street – Brazilian

                Wayside Market – South Main Street – Portuguese and Brazilian products, they also have a short order grill

                Los Arcos – South Main Street – a small Mexican market that serves a set meal on the weekends. The cook is from Oaxaca.

                Mikey’s Jamaican Restaurant – East Main Street

                La Vijenita – 1812 East Main Street – Colombian, sit down and take out.

                Noujaim Middle Eastern Bakery/Grocery – East Main Street – Lebanese baked goods, tabbouleh, hummus…

                Peruvian Corner – East Main – another Peruvian place, good food, nice family runs the place.

                Mi Pueblito – Meriden Road – Mexican grocer and they offer snacks during the week and a sit down meal on the weekends. I forget which region of Mexico the cook is from.

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                1. re: JohnnyCT

                  I am originally from Waterbury but lived all around the country and every time I come back for a visit I have to get my jamaican patty fix at Mikey's. The goat and ox tail are also out of site!