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Mar 11, 2007 01:35 PM

Any recommendations for Gujarati food in the city?

I'm jonesin' for some Gujarati food in Chicago. Most of the restaurants I've been to on Devon are either North or South Indian.

I'm a city dweller, so ideally a place in the city, but if you have other suggestions, I'd be game as well.


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    1. re: chitowneats

      I probably sound like an idoit but what exactly is Gujarati food? I assume Indian because of the Devon reference, but I don't know.

      1. re: lbs

        Gujarat is a state in western India known for its unique cooking style...mostly vegetarian. It tends to be a little sweeter than a lot of Indian cooking, which some people don't care for but I happen to love (it has that salty/sweet thing going on). It is usually spicier than North Indian but not as spicy as South.....sort of in-between, as is the state. It uses a lot of aromatics (ginger, tumeric, garlic, etc) Unfortunately, many Gujarati immigrants to the US went into the hotel business but very, very few have opened restaurants. So generally the best (and in many areas the only!) Gujarati cooking will be found in private homes. See my chowhound profile for a reco on a good Gujarati cookbook.

        1. re: janetofreno

          Thanks Janet! That is very interesting

    2. The only true Guju food I know of in chicago is not in the city.

      Village Hut
      130 E. Army Trail, Glendale Heights
      Tel: (630) 893-5800

      It is very authentic and pretty good. About an hour from the city by car.

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      1. re: veeral

        Funny, I grew up about 1/2 mile from there. Very familar with the area.

        thanks though!