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Mar 11, 2007 01:13 PM

Scottsdale recommendations for great food + singles scene?

I am headed down to Scottsdale next weekend for spring training with a group of guys in their late 20s who are avid foodies. Can anyone recommend restaurants that combine great food + a lively singles or bar scene?

We're interested primarily in a steakhouse, sushi or Mexican. Money is not an issue.

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

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  1. You can't go wrong w/ any of the Mastro Restaurants: Ocean Club, City Hall and Mastro's Steakhouse in the Bar for the Social Scene...great seafood, Steaks...and loads of pretty people. Two other place w/ a lively Bar Scene are Barcelona for dinner and dancing...they make a pretty good bone in rib eye! and Sapporo for Sushi, great Happy Hour ...great patio bar!

    1. ciaogal makes some great suggestions for North Scottsdale (all but City Hall are in that area). A few other suggestions in the Old Town area (where Scottsdale Stadium is located) are:

      Asia de Cuba at the new Mondrian Scottsdale (which also features the uber-hip bars Red Bar and Skybar).

      Trader Vic's at the Hotel Valley Ho:


      1. The bar scene at Olive & Ivy was impressive the night we went. They are part of an AZ chain but the food will win you over. Expensive too!

        1. As a 20-something single who considers myself a foodie, I have to tell you to choose your topic. Meaning, do you want food to eat, or a feast for the eyes? All posters above have been right on, so I'll just add to their recommendations.

          The north scottsdale Mastro outlets can work out quite well (lots of lovely gold diggers of all ages in minimal clothing hang there) and the food (steaks, etc.) is amazing (and EXPENSIVE), but for a less expensive cab ride (and do take a cab, did you hear about Vince Vaughn here?) and perhaps less botox-friendly and cash-grubbing girls try Postino, Zen 32, Delux, Chelsea's Kitchen (bar area), Stingray Sushi, Olive and Ivy (as mentioned above), Dos Gringos (not for food, but for great socializing and good beer/tacos after or before a game), Pink Taco (again for drinks b4 or after game), Z Tejas, Kona Grill (happy hour), Frank and Lupe's (mexican) and such.

          I know, not all foodie places, but be forewarned that the good looking going out girls in Scottsdale really don't eat - at least not in public, and they may not want to spend any money on food. Meet them out after dinner? :)

          So...foodie places are typically frequented by wonderful but older and perhaps married couples or other smart tourists.

          Asia de Cuba is a great call, as is anything at the Valley Ho and Furio is popular. Ra is always PACKED too (inexplicably). Have fun!

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            HomeCookKirsten.....again I have to second what you are saying.....In Scottsdale sometimes the Feast for the Eyes overshadows the food. I too am a XX-something single (Won't divule my age) do love to frequent some of the finer dining establishments....and do agree....the eye candy may not be age appropriate....If the Restaurant has a bar...that may be where you want to dine.......
            I usually dine in the Bar of all the Mastro Restaurants...Sapporo, Razz, Elements, .....
            I can't remember the last time I had a meal @ a four-top.....
            The Bar is where it's happening.

            1. re: HomeCookKirsten

              LOL - thanks for being so honest, HomeCookKirsten! You are spot on. We have a lot of amazing restaurants in the Phoenix metro area, but if you are looking for flocks of eye candy, they won't be found at those establishments. What you WILL find at the finer establishments are a few refined, intelligent, and amazing know, like us! ;-)

              But we also have to take into account that mwon may or may not be looking for a male singles scene. If he is, then I would say hit Ticoz on 7th Street. Awesome food - my husband and I eat there about twice a month. I love the diversity of the patrons AND the food!!