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Mar 11, 2007 01:00 PM

Best Seafood in Raleigh?

Can anyone recommend a great steak and seafood place in Raleigh?

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  1. According to my wife the "surf and turf" special at Nico's Taverna on Davis Drive in Morrisville Was as good a combination of seafood and beef that she has had. The scallops were perfectly grilled as were the shrimp and the steak. My bouillabaisse, also a special, was a fantastic combination of scallops, shrimp, mussels, sword fish and sea bass in a flavorful broth.

    Another good place for steak and seafood is Mythos Bistro at the corner of Cary Parkway and Tryon.

    1. We'll check them out. Thanks.

      (I'm actually surprised more people haven't replied to this post...not a lot of good seafood in Raleigh?)

      1. Nothing jumping to mind, its true. Some people rave about 42nd street, but I think it is about as close to awful as you can get. I would say Fins, but I think they are closed right now, possibly, as they transition to their new downtown location???


        1. Bin 54. Great steaks and nice seafood selections. Can't offer first-hand experience, tho.

          We had a big spread of seafood from Shucker's in Wake Forest the other night. The fried stuff was pretty decent. We especially liked the kid's fish and chips. The Dungeness crab was overcooked and a bit tough, perhaps it had been steamed before? Fun place to go, if you're looking for an experience reminiscent of the coast.

          1. Someone mentioned Bin 54, not in Raleigh but in Chapel Hill, it is worth the trip, it is fabulous and you won't find a better steak and lobster. I've been to it twice and it is simply outstanding, although expensive. You may want to try Nana's Chophouse in Raleigh. But just for seafood (no steaks) you can't go wrong at Fins in Raleigh.