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Mar 11, 2007 12:55 PM

Best Chinese food in Woodland Hills or nearby?

Hello, new to Chowhound and am loving it! I have been here for over three years and cannot find good Chinese food. Does anyone have any recommendations for the Woodland Hills area, or nearby (Calabasas, Chatsworth, Reseda)?

Or do you have a favorite restaurant in this area that you recommend?

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  1. A&W in Northridge on Reseda Blvd is the only true authentic Chinese food in the Valley, along with Mandarin Deli for noodles.

    I just reviewed Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant in Woodland Hills, and it's not bad. It's not stellar and not as good as A&W or San Gabriel Valley restaurants, but truly not bad Cantonese for Woodland Hills:

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      Actually with the name Hong Kong Seafood, I think I was expecting something more authentic, so when I saw their largely tourist food type menu it was a little disappointing. But it is better than average for the vicinity. There is a place called Golden City at 17719 Vanowen in Reseda which appears to be semi-authentic based on a couple of visits I've made there. Likewise for a place called Iong Kee Seafood at 15423 Chatsworth in Mission Hills, though I haven't been there in a couple of years and can't confirm if they're still around. Lastly a place that has been mentioned on this board which, despite its name, is rather authentic, Hot Wok Cafe, at 9135 Reseda Bl.

    2. MANDARIN TIGER, 18900 Ventura Blvd (corner of Wilbur Ave) in Tarzana is a decent place, at least to this picky poster. Try the Pu-Pu trays, and maybe an entree or two, depending on how thick your wallet/purse is. Good ambiance too, if you care about that type of thing...

      1. yang chow in conega, and also drive east to sherman oaks and try bamboo

        1. Sam Woo - on Victory and Sepulveda is rated best in the SFV by many Chinese people there. It is next to a 99 Ranch Market as well, making both well worth your checking out. If ethnicity is a hint, the lines of Chinese families willing to wait to eat there on weekend evenings say volumes. Note: it is strictly "Cash only" but that should not be a deterrent. Before noon Sunday and weekdays, seating is much easier. Has pleasant Chinese wait staff.

          A&W has three locations:
          Reseda and Sherman Way - most authentically Chinese
          Reseda north of Nordhoff - in between but has Dim Sum on weekends
          Balboa in Mission Hills - most Americanized with a touch of Cambodian

          Also in Reseda
          Mandarin Deli - great noodle soups and a few interesting Northern dishes
          China Star - very good Southern dishes but sometimes spotty

          Mission Hills
          Iong Kee - underrated but looks seedy

          - authentic plus some French fusion and elegant enough for business entertaining.

          Hope this helps !

          1. I like Golden Hunan on Reseda Blvd. near Devonshire, in Northridge. You probably have some decent options closer to you on Topanga Cyn Blvd and Ventura Blvd.