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Mar 11, 2007 12:50 PM

Great All Day Breakfast-Burger, Bloor&Keele

Picnic Restaurant
Boor, corner Indian Rd, one east of Keele, NE corner
Hours 5AM - 5PM

This is a retro short order restaurant but with an even more limited menu. Very good, lots to eat and cheap,

I have had the burger and the Spanish omelette. The burger is eight oz, two (four oz. patties) which are flavoured with stuff and good. An unbelievable $3.50. I had mine on a plate with french fries (house cut), minced marinated carrot on lettuce garnish and a drink, $6.50. I have also had the Spanish omelette, three eggs, (fried in butter) full of stuff including cream cheese, excellent home fries, toast, same garnish and a piece of fruit on the plate (lightly baked half apple once, banana next time) for $5.95. All really good. Bacon or sausages and eggs, garnish, toast, french fries or home fries $3.95. All day breakfast.

The place is wide but narrow with the best decor of the 1970's. Customers pick up their plates from the high counter. Tables and chairs in front of the building with the parking lot.
Ignore the off-putting signs: this is the real McKoy(opoulis), not McDonalds.

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  1. Sorry, its the SEcorner of Bloor and Indian GROVE, across from the 7-11.

    1. Sorry again, its the NE corner of Bloor and Indian Grove. Must be the mushrooms.

      1. this place sounds like brigadoon! well if it IS actually where you say it is, it's in my hood and definitely up my alley!!! Thanks for the tip VVM!

        1. Thanks for the tip...always looking for good places in the 'hood!

          1. I've had breakfast there once, quite enjoyed it and for the life of me can't recall why I haven't been back. Thought it was not a bad place at all.