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Salon Pio Pio

Has anyone tried the new Pio Pio on 94th & Amsterdam?

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  1. Did delivery. The chicken was liberally spiced, moist, and pretty crispy. Fries were disastrously tasteless, cold and soggy. Sliced avocado was obviously sliced and fanned out on a prior date. Special shrimp soup was quite good and rich, with a flat-out humongous crustacion, head-on, and head-up in the center of the soup. They should call it Loch Ness Soup. I'd really like to like this place, but it seems, like its Peruvian predecessor Sipan, to be merely ok - not particularly chowish. Though this IS a funky soup.

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      They have the same problem with the sides/salads at the UES location. I try to stick to the chicken and sangria, although the calamari can also be great when they get it right.

    2. sipan and pio pio have the same owners - basically the same restaurant with a slightly different menu. the name change was an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of pio pio in queens since sipan was doing poorly (with good reason).

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        Are you saying that there is no relationship between the UWS Pio Pio and the ones in Queens and the one on UES?

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          I think they were and are related. I seem to recall seeing matchbooks from Pio Pio at the old Sipan.

      2. Yes, we were there the other night. We thought it was great! Having lived in Lima, Peru for 14 years will keep us going there alot..... especially for the chicken, fries, salad, aji, and salchpapas! If you aren't too happy with it yet, give them time to get better. Peruvian cuisine is DELICIOUS!

        1. Here is the common wisdom re Pio Pio in Manhattan:

          1. Go to the upper east side Pio Pio for the chicken b/c it's delicious and cheap.
          2. Avoid the upper west side Salon Pio Pio because it's overpriced and, except for the chicken, the food is subpar.

          I've never read anything to the contrary.

          1. It's more or less like Sipan (which I liked) with the addition of the Pio Pio chicken which is good and inexpensive.

            1. Yep. My report: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/38971...

              The short version: if you have to go, eat the chicken but not anything else and be prepared for really slow, possibly inept service.

              1. I was there last night...I'm sad to hear you all didn't enjoy it it. It was probably one of the best meals I've had in the neighborhood.

                We got 2 glasses of sangria which was a great kick on top of the deliciousness of the flavor.

                We started with the purple corn tamales. The tamales were light and the corn meal melted in my mouth. I loved the tomato salsa-esque side that came with it that was spicy and tangy. The green cream chile sauce they serve at your table was smooth and flavorful with the right amount of kick.

                We had half a chicken with the avocado salad and yuca fries, the shrimp with the cream garlic white wine sauce served with rice, and an order of beans on the side.

                The chicken was well spiced, moist and tender. The yuca fries were crisp and simple, which matched the flavor of the meat perfectly. I've never had such creamy avocado. The shrimp was sweet but did not have any of the fishy flavor (which I'm always terrified of), and that sauce it came in was a great compliment.

                I thnk you guys should go back and give it another chance!

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                  Agree,,,have had three delicious meals at the Amsterdam Pio Pio. Chicken, fries, avocado salad and sangria.. Best bargain on the UWS. GO...