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Mar 11, 2007 12:06 PM

polish food in boston

help. i am from montreal and i recently relocated here. in mtl there was an amazing little place called euro deli batory and they sold polish products but also had a couple tables and served up the BEST pierogies and the most DELICIOUS borscht i have ever had. i am wondering if something casual and authentic like that exists here. i am in the newton area so preference would be around here but i will travel for something that can compare. this borscht was crazy good...chock full of veggies and chickpeas and topped with some sour cream.

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  1. right across the street from the baltic deli is a place called polonia's. great authentic polish food. superb potato pancakes, kielbasa, the works.

    1. Search for posts on Cafe Polonia in Dorchester (all of their food is good, as is the Polish beer there) -- it's not really nearby for Newton, but by far the best option -- they also run the grocery store across the street which is the area's best source of Eastern European specialty goods (great kielbasa, 6 or more types available, on Thursday-Friday). Highly recommended! The next best options are in Connecticut and NYC in my opinion.

        1. If it's just borscht you want, you could try Cafe St. Petersburg in Newton Center for the Russian version. I don't think it's chock full of veggies tho.

          1. Cafe Polonia is the only game in town.