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Manhattan vegetarian restaurants

Going to Manhattan for a few days. What are some must visit vegetarian places.

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  1. Some outstanding vegetarian food can be found in restaurants that are not vegetarian.

    Devi, an Indian restaurant, is a perfect example. The cuisine is superb, and there are many delicious vegetarian dishes on the menu. Plus, there is a vegetarian tasting menu. If budget is an issue, the 3-course lunch prix-fixe, an excellent value @$24.97, includes several vegetarian options, all taken directly from the regular dinner menu.


    1. Agree with RGR! Devi (Indian) is a good place for vegetarian food even if some of your companions are not vegegarians. Daniel (French) also has a vegetarian menu and , but it is more expensive than Devi.

      If you do a search of vegetarian in the Manhattan board, the topic should have been covered several times. For pure vegetarian restaurants, I personally prefer Pure Food and Wine. But they only open for dinner.

      1. I am not a vegetarian and would normally hate the idea of a vegetarian restaurant. Then I went to dinner at Hangawi on east 32nd for for a friend's birthday dinner and was truly amazed. Hangawi is an upscale korean vegetarian place with great service and the atmosphere is relaxing. It is moderately priced (for manhattan). It is probably the only vegetarian restaurant I would consider dining at again.

        I really recommend Hangawi to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

        1. I am a devout vegetarian (not vegan tho). DEFINITELY go to "VP2" (Vegetarian Paradise Two) on 4th street by NYU in Greenwich Village!!!!!!!! It's our favorite restaurant and is amazing- try the mango "chicken" or the crispy soul "chicken". A good lunchy/brunch place is right around the corner from there- Quantum Leap. They have amazing veggy burgers and pretty much everything is delicious/healthy. In Union Square Zen Palate is fantastic- they have downstairs dining which is more cafe-ish (try the sweet and sour sensation), AND lovely upscale upstairs dining (try the Wheel of Dharma), AND a middle section with the sit-on-the-floor tatami tables. If you want to check out really traditional style Chinese vegetarian, go to the Vegetarian Dim Sum house at 24 Pell St, in the heart of Chinatown. Another great place is Curly's Vegetarian Lunch on 14th- it's tiny though! Also try Blossom on 9th Ave in Chelsea, which is upscale townhouse-style dining...it's totally vegan too. Candle Cafe on 3rd Avenue at 75th has an awesome portobello burger. At 45 8th avenue is S'Nice, which is a very casual coffee house with an all-veg menu of soups and salads. For Indian vegetarian dining, we recommend Bukhara at 217 E 49th, which has great atmosphere. It's not ALL veg though, but they are very meticulous about separation. STAY AWAY from: Kate's Joint (which is just soooo filthy), and Village Natural which has the most ugh atmosphere, and B+H Kosher which is super greasy and fries their veg burgers right on the grill with fish. I hope this helps!! -Mink :)

            1. I love Caravan of Dreams. I HIGHLY recommend their Pesto Pizza, laden with assorted veggies that have been quickly pan-fried to retain their "crunch". They also serve a side salad with the pizza, full of sprouts, etc., and we always throw it on top of the pizza. YUM.

              Their appetizer of corn chips I think they are, with fresh salsa and homemade guacamole is really good.

              As to atmosphere, Caravan is very laid-back and sorta quirky. At night, they almost always have free "entertainment". It could be new-agey kind of musicians, or a tarot card reader... you never really know what to expect.

              For awesome RAW (vegetarian) food, I HIGHLY recommend Raw Soul up at 145th Street in Harlem. Charming little place. Their personal pizzas are excellent, as is their "burger".

              1. Just went to Sacred Chow in the village by NYU over the weekend. The food was excellent and reasonably priced.

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                  I heart SC. Have you tried the brunch? It's awesome, and perfect if you have friends with celiac.

                2. ok, this is where it's at!
                  I eat vegetarian at least once a day. I highly recommend eating at Pure on Irving. High end and a little expensive, but worth it. Also, Caravan of Dreams on 6th street, Angelica's for the strict macrobiotic eater, Gobo on 6th Avenue is good (asian flare). Also, the Stand on 12th street, not vegetarian, low-key, trendy burger joint, has the best quinoa veggie burgers you could find.


                  1. "Vatan" is great for Indian veggie

                    1. Candle Cafe is an amazing place for a vegetarian meal. I LOVE their food and i'm not even vegetarian. Also Quantum Leap has a great brunch menu. Try the pancakes and soy links. Yum!

                      1. I will simply throw out some ethnic vegetarian options for consideration. In Chinatown, there are two dim sum places where you can get decent vegetarian dim sums:
                        - Vegetarian Dim Sum House - the name said it all. It is a veg restaurant (no meat at all) which serves both dim sum and other dishes. However, only the dim sums are impressive so focusing on those will be better
                        - Dim Sum Go Go - they serve both meat and vegetarian dim sums, but their veg. dim sum platter is surprisingly good. I order them even I am not a vegetarian.

                        Other places that have so-call "vegetable" dim sums are not too reliable, as they often use the same oil and cookwares for meat and they sometimes add in minced meat (e.g. mined dried shrimp or anchovies) to the vegetables to enhance the flavor.

                        For Japanese EN Japanese Brasserie and most of the sushi places (I recommend Kanoyama) have plenty of vegetarian dishes and will customize dishes for you in vegan style

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                          A relatively new vegetarian place in Chinatown is Buddha Bodai, at 11 Mott St. They have really good mock Gen. Tso's chicken. I like this place better than Vegetarian Dim Sum House, although Vegetarian Dim Sum House isn't bad, and I have to admit I've only had a chance to try a couple of things at VDSH. And VDSH might be cheaper.

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                            Buddha Bodai also has a dim sum menu, but only during the day, it seems.

                            If your budget allows, I'd recommend Candle 79 or Counter, would otherwise second most of the places above, and also agree with some of the posters above that in a non-vegetarian place, you can't really, truly know what's in your food, and certainly where it's been. What a luxury to be in NYC with so many choices of vegetarian restaurants--why would you go anywhere else?

                        2. People have already posted the highlights, but in case you need some consensus:

                          Pure Food & Wine is a great, upscale raw food restaurant with nice ambiance.

                          Counter serves tasty vegan food, also relatively upscale. Both of these restaurants have a pretty large organic wine selection.

                          I think Angelica Kitchen is one of the grandaddies (or grandmommies, as it were) of the city's vegetarian eating scene. It serves very good, simple vegan fare in what I think is a relaxing setting.

                          Gobo is good, more Asian-themed and good for sharing.