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Mar 11, 2007 11:32 AM

Real New York Deli near Wilmington, NC?

I heard there is a New York deli somewhere North of Wilmington. I mean real, like they come from New York and supposedly get corned beef and pastrami and stuff from the Bronx. Could this be true or am I hallucinating? If real, can it be as good as I imagine? It's been years since I've had a respectable corned beef on rye.

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  1. Don't know about North of Wilmington, but I know that the owners of A Taste of Italy on College Ave. are from NYC and they have great meats and cheeses and I had an absolutely outstanding hot pastrami there for lunch a couple of weeks ago.

    1. There's a place called New York Corner Deli in Topsail Beach. Anyone ever eat there?

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        I made a drive out from Raleigh specifically to try it out. I had a pastrami sandwich and a hot dog (because they claim it as their specialty). Both were just fine. Neither was memorable enough to make me count the place as a find. I can't recommend it as the cure for our NY longings. No chopped liver of course. That seems to be impossible to find in this state (other than some frozen packaged tubs that are overly sweetened).

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          Same experience. It's a nice place to have in Topsail, but not worth a special trip. If you're there, and tired of seafood, definitely give it a try.

      2. The S&L New York Style Deli on South 17th Street is pretty good. I have had a reuben there.

        1. Their CB on rye is not THE best, but just OK. Their meats and cheeses are from NY. Not worth a LONG drive, but great place if you are going to be in town. Best Antipasto next to an actual NY Deli. Phone order in lunch or a dinner for 32. Try their metro sandwich.

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            What about the place off College Road? I think It's just called College Road Deli. They serve authentic beef on weck that meets my picky new york italian eater's standards. I get the roast beef and horseradish there and it's very good.

          2. I agree,That Beef on Weck is something special.I only get it once in a while so I dont get burned out on it.Love thier AuJus.
            New York Coner Deli is the best place to eat breakfast or Lunch on Topsail.They pile the meat on and you will pay for it.
            Taste of Italy is the King.Those Dagos put out some good chow.

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              Taste of Italy is good for authentic Italian deli, and quality food. Better, in my opinion, is Martino's on Wrightsville Ave on the way to Wrightsville Beach. They make stuff that is as good as what you would find in the Bronx, such as their own capicola [sweet or hot], fresh [oh yeah!] mozzarella, fresh italian sausage, and other stuff which you may have thought could not be found in Wilmington. And they have other good deli sandwiches and hot specials. I like my mozzarella without salt. That you have to order special but it will be fresh [as will the lightly salted] and, to me, it's like biting into a block of cream. Get a fresh one, a jar of roasted red peppers, a fresh italian bread, and now we're talking.