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Mar 11, 2007 10:40 AM

Nobuko's Kitchen in Little Tokyo

Took over the space that used to house Lauren on the 3rd floor of Little Tokyo Square. Thought their hamburg steak was really good. The place was completely empty though.

Watch out, even though their site says they close at 9 their takeout menu says they close at 8 and last night they seemed to shut down at 7:30. Health rating is an A.

Has anyone been here? My search didn't return anything.

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  1. Ooh they serve omurice. I gotta try this.

    1. This is also called No No Hana. A good example of a Japanese Yo-Shoku (Western food) restaurant. Went a few months ago, had the fried oysters and the crab croquette (what Japanese call "ko-ro-ke) and it was all very tasty. (My wife says the better crab ko-ro-ke at at Casa Arigato in Redondo Beach.)