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Mar 11, 2007 10:22 AM

Request for recommendations for dinner near Pittsburgh

I will be staying in Monroeville, just outside of Pittsburgh, for two nights. I would appreciate recommendations for dinner on an expense account. I would like to eat somewhere with a Pittsburgh flavor, if there is one. Thanks.

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  1. You didn't mention your willingness/ability to travel and if you’d be dining alone. If you are able to I'd suggest a few places to get a 'flavor' of Pittsburgh although I can't say that there is a particular place that food-wise identifies Pittsburgh. Many would most likely argue that Primanti's sandwiches with the slaw and fries between the bread would be it - personally I'm not a fan (

    For the best burgh views – the restaurants on Mt. Washington are the place to be. IMHO Isabella on Grandview and Monterey Bay has the best food of the lot. Isabella is fixed price Monterey Bay a larger selection and more seafood – centric. The latter is also a good place to go for a cocktail as the lounge area has floor to ceiling windows, you can order off of the menu here as well as in the dining room( You’ll see that they have a Monroeville location as well.

    Another interesting view is from the river room in the Grand Concourse – interesting building – redone grand – old train station. There are also adjacent shops and several chain restaurants adjacent to this place. (

    In the Strip district there are Eleven for upscale dining or Kaya for more casual fare. ( The big burrito group has many other alternatives listed on this link as well.

    The south side is a good place to roam around, and get a drink and dinner. Loads of casual dining – Fat Head’s is a favorite of mine. ( More upscale are Café Allegro, Dish ( or Le Pommier (

    Squirrel Hill is a good neighborhood to check out as well. If you need to stay closer to Monroeville post back and I can suggest other alternatives.

    1. The concept of "expense account meal" and "Pittsburgh flavor" do not mesh. The former generally means an expensive and tasty splurge, the latter generally means something cheap, filling and fattening.

      If you're actually stuck in Monroeville with limited ability to get around, best choice is probably Monterey Bay Fish Grotto. If they've got Virginia Spots, that'll give you your Pittsburgh flavor.

      If you can get around, Nine on Nine and Eleven would both be good "expense account" meals. Those are the places I would generally choose to entertain clients. I'll add Vivo in Bellevue now that they take credit cards.,

      1. One of my all-time favorite restaurants is The Wooden Nickel
        (located in Monroeville). They have great Italian and American fare.
        Below is all the information. I’m sure they have a website, too.
        You won’t be disappointed!

        The Wooden Nickel
        4006 Berger Ln
        Monroeville, PA 15146
        Phone: (412) 372-9750

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. One of my all time favorite places in pittsburgh is Isabela on Grandview ( They offer an inovative american cusine along with one of the best views of pittsburgh.