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coconut filled hershey kisses

Just bought a bag of coconut filled hershey kisses @ Target w/ the blue foil wrapper...OMG they are addictive. Had the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Kisses @ Valentines.....wow!
Any other flavors I should know about?

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  1. Oh dear, just when my diet was going along so well!

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    1. re: Velma

      LOL, that's exactly what I thought when I read that. So are they dark chocolate, milk, or either?

    2. The cherry creme filled ones are yummy too!

      1. The coconut are milk chocolate....I would prefer the coconut w/ Dark Chocolate.....

        1. I would also prefer dark chocolate but you know, I can make the sacrifice.

          1. I've seen peanut butter filled....I'm off to Target for those coconut ones! YUM!

            1. where else are the coconut filled kisses sold please???never heard of these before---yum

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              1. I like the caramel ones. Coconut sounds good though, have not seen those yet (but haven't been looking either).

                Coconut creme is one of the "limited editions":


                1. The coconut ones are good. Way good. I'm glad I'm not going in tomorrow for a blood sugar reading. My blood would probably crystalize in the test tube from all the sugar I've eaten today.

                  1. Ohhhh Noooooooo, noooo.........

                    1. The peppermint stick ones at christmas time were ssssooo good. They need to be illegal.

                      1. I haven't seen them in a while but they used to have toffee crunch ones that were SO good, but I don't even see them on the website!! :-( For a similar taste, the Nestle Treasures toffee ones (I think they say something about almond bits and heath crunch) are close.

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                          I found the coconut cream ones at Duane Reade--it's Easter and they have some their specilty kisses available now--

                        2. I saw some the other day called "truffle" - don't know what they taste like, but they were next to the check out at Hess gas station. :)

                          1. I can't seem to find the coconut kisses around here (sniff)... only the truffle ones and 'caramel creme'. I'm still working on my christmas bags of caramel kisses so I haven't tried the others yet - I'll stock up post-easter when they're marked down again!

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                              Saw them in CVS. If ONLY these guys could find a way to not kill us so sweetly with those nasty hydrogenated oils! I'll have to stick w/ dark chockies until then/ :(

                              1. re: KamJam

                                I'll have to make a special trip to check it out... Walgreens and Albertsons don't have them.

                              2. The coconut filled, and a variety of other filled kisses are reasonable and available at the discount chain Grocery Outlet (western states). I believe the coconut are $1.49 a bag. I purchased them in the San Francisco bay area.