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Mar 11, 2007 09:39 AM

Pizza Place Next to Gravy on Smith??

Can someone tell me the name of the pizza place next to gravy on smith street? Also, do they delivery and I've heard it's pretty good - does anyone have an opinion? We are having people over tonight - want good pizza - doesn't have to be DiFara's or Grimaldi's - just something satisfying, hot and cheesy with a tangy (not sweet) sauce. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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  1. La Rosa & Son

    I've only tried it once, delivery, and found it no better or worse than a number of other area delivered pies (I've seen mixed reviews here on CH--beware of some because of a deep attitude against Alan Harding, the owner, but that doesn't mean that some of the negative reviews aren't legit.) I have yet to find a great local delivered pie but part of the problem is how poorly pizza crust travels, steaming in its box. I might add--the La Rosa slice reheated REALLY poorly the next day--waxy congealed cheese.
    Other local options are Caruso on Smith (sesame seeds on the crust edge--either the devil's work or not, depending on one's bent) and My Little on Court---again, to me, no better or worse than any other and all,,,,,meh. I've lately seen praise for World Pizza farther down on Court. I need to check it out for myself.

    1. I think Caruso's has stopped using sesame seeds - at least I'm pretty sure they weren't on the last few slices I had there. Of course those were freezing nights and I was rushing home hoping to keep the pizza hot, so I could have hallucinated them away :). Anyway, Caruso's is pretty good, if nothing special.

      1. I agree with JonL on La Rosa. Not great, not horrible. The BIG problem is where they will deliver. If you are within one block of any of the housing projects, they won't deliver (or at least that was the case the last time I tried). Based on that, I choose not to eat their pizza. I love My Little for a quick slice.

        1. I had a pizza there right after it opened and the only way i can describe it is repulsive. I ordered anchovy/sausage and it was matted with anchovy in a really weird way. Not heated through. Gummy. Really questionable. Maybe they've gotten their act together since then. Hope so cause this was baaaad. I mean how often do you use the word repulsive when describing pizza? Enough said.
          FYI, I have nothing against Alan Harding, so no axe to grind here. I actually find him kind of entertaining.

          1. I've had a few pizzas from there..nothing special but not bad. Once was quite good.

            I like Caruso's for a neighborhood pizza...I hope they havent gotten rid of the sesame seeds. I like it that way.

            Layla Jones has been our standby of late. Square thin pizzas.

            Many swear by Sal's. I had one good pizza there with bad toppings.