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Mar 11, 2007 09:36 AM

UofT area for dinner

I have to do some work at the Robarts library tomorrow and having never been to this area (I'm not from Toronto), I was hoping for a reccommendation for dinner. Moderately-priced, any food type, vegetarian options.


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  1. 1. Bar Mercurio on Bloor at St. George has nice Italian fare and a warm and cozy atmosphere.

    2.You will find several options on Harbord Street just west of Robarts, past Spadina - Kensington Kitchen is actually known for having good vegetarian options, both Eduardo's and the Boulevard Cafe are latin-american influence bisto-y type places (if that makes any sense).

    1. Baldwin Street isn't too far away (definitely walkable, about 15 mins) and has some good restaurants. I'd recommend MataHari Grill, although I think they're closed on Mondays, Thai Paradise, and Gateways of India. All should have good vegetarian options.

      1. Messis at Harbord and Robert (two blocks west from Robarts) would be my recommendation – it's all the things you're looking for, and it's remarkably consistent.

          1. re: The Macallan 18

            Definitely agree on Bar Mercurio, but you'll likely need reservations. If you are dining alone, it would be great to snag one of the front window tables or even sit at the bar. Last time I was there Ann Marie MacDonald was tucked away in the window table near the bar working on something. It looked like a great spot for a single to dine and read. And their thin crust pizza is amazing.

          2. I agree with deepcreek, Messis is also my recommendation. Love their crabcakes!