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Mar 11, 2007 06:38 AM

Best Ham and Cheese Sandwich?

I know there's usually not much you can do with ham and cheese sandwiches, but some are definitely better than others. Which restaurants and pubs have the best ham and cheese? It can be in any form, from "toasties" at Irish pubs to gourmet sandwiches on freshly made bread.

My personal favorite is actually from an Italian market--D'Agostino's in Arlington. Excellent quality ham, decent roll, several choices for cheese. Perfect for a picnic or a hiking trip!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I had a great grilled black forest ham and grafton cheddar sandwich at ASSBar the last time I ate there. This was *before* the revamp so I don't know if it survived the changes. Mighty tasty though.

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        I was just looking at their Daily Specials menu, and it seems to be reintroducing some of the creativity of the original menu...are they beginning to get into a groove now?

        1. re: tatamagouche

          If they are maybe it's time to go back and try them again... I decided to stay away for a while when people started reporting all the service issues...also I was a little disappointed by what I heard was drastic shrinking of the menu.

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            I've been there twice in the last month. The menu is much smaller than when they opened, but there's stll plenty of choices, including four or so different specials every day. It's still not quite as good as all of us had hoped, but nonetheless good enough to keep me coming back. The service is well intentioned, but not yet at the ECG level. I haven't been during a busy time, so I don't know how well they handle a rush. One addition to the menu that I really like: fries from hell (fries dusted with chili powder and topped with inner beauty)!

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              Thanks--a succinct, useful update.

      2. It's great to know that someone appreciates D'Agostino's as much as I do. The Winchester store is one of the tiniest little places I've been in. I'll bet they are amongst the tops in the country for volume per square foot. The service is very friendly and fast. I love their Italian subs and ham and cheese. The bread is super fresh and a lot of the staff has been working there for a LONG time, the sign of a good place. Ralph and Sam D'Agostino are very hard-working guys and can often be found at their stores @ 6:30 am taking care of business. Thanks for a trip down memory lane!!!

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          I can strongly attest to this - worked there for a couple of years while in Jr. HS and HS... their food is top notch and they make fantastic sandwiches. I still go back whenever the craving for a sub sandwich hits (my faves there include their house-baked ham with cheddar cheese as well as their meatball sub). Yum!

        2. Cafe Kiraz in Cambridge has a very nice Ham and Brie sandwich. I know brie isn't the typical cheese of choice in a ham and cheese, but it borders on decadent in this sandwich. They put it in the panini press and with a good dijon mustard working its way into the melted cheese, mmmm. Just my opinion.

          1. Does a Cuban count? Word on the board is that Chez Henri is the place to go. Has anyone tried the Cuban at All-Star Sandwich Bar?

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              No, I'm looking for ham and cheese and nothing else (except mustard, etc). But I do love the Cubano at Chez Henri. It is one of the best sandwiches I have ever had anywhere.