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Mar 11, 2007 06:20 AM


OK- I may not be a BBQ expert but I've been to Dinosaur (Harlem and Syracuse), Blue Smoke, Virgil's, Daisy Mays, the old Pierson's in Queens at 2 locations,the Big Apple BBQ festival and had Spanky's at the 9th avenue festival. Just tried RUB which seems to be at or near the top of the most recent NYC bbq rankings. Great atmosphere and music similar to Dinosaur. Though huge and meaty, the St. Louis ribs didn't do it for me and the sauces, although purportedly award winning, were weak and watery.The side of beans were great but not up to the chili (no beans) of the Daisy May carts. I'm going to Dallas and San Antonio in July in order to be able to speak more authoritatively. I hate to say it, but a buddy sent me 25lbs of ribs and brisket from The County Line in Austin by Fed Ex (order on-line) which were vacuum sealed and frozen and which Mrs. GG brought back to life over several weeks of meals by steaming them. Their meat blew away all of the above and their sauce I would happily bathe in and they are considered touristy by Texas standards.

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  1. I was just about to embark on a similar bbq tour having stumbled across dinosaur's by accident. i had read reviews months ago but haven't had time to seek out the place. Now that I know where it is (I pass it everyday on my way to the office), I plan to go one week night when it's less hectic.

    I've been a big fan of Blue Smoke for years and have just returned a couple of weeks ago b/c I've just begun teaching at night in that area a night or two a week. The ribs (marbeled ones) were completely unimpressive, although some of the side sauces were good. I personally liked the mac and cheese and the fried ravioli, which wound up being outstanding.

    I've also noticed Rub a week or two ago on my way back home from my Gramacy Park weekly trips. I also plan to try that place one night within the next two weeks. Lastly, since I have a friend from Rochester, I'm planning to hit up Delta Grill, at least for the wings.

    I've been to Dallas but it was years ago and I'm afraid I can't remember much about their ribs. Since I didn't know too much about food when I was a teenager, perhaps we didn't seek out a good place or maybe they just weren't so great, in general.

    Anyway, I will report back soon as well.

    1. I love RUB and think their beans, onion straws, and new smoked bacon pieces are awesome.

      Usally the ribs are easily the best I have had in NYC (never been to Daisy Maes) but every once in awhile the spareribs are inferior to their baby backs.


      1. rub is on my short list.. what shall i eat top top bottom.

        1. RUB is so bad. I really wish it weren't. But everything I had there was bad. And the service was poor.
          I won't even go into details... it was all just wrong. If you must try it anyway, certainly avoid the beef brisket.

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          1. re: anita_cocktail

            R.U.B. is great. Their pork ribs are the best in the city.

            Beef at ALL BBQ places can be hit or miss. (Just try the miserable fatty beef ribs at the otherwise delicious Blue Smoke for proof.)

            1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

              I'm from out of town in Toronto where there is NO good BBQ, so I eat it everywhere I can across America. In NY, I have found RUB the most consistently good place in NYC and just happened to have fine brisket, ribs and onion strings there last night, Liked it much better than the ribs and beef sandwich i had at Daisy May on Saturday

            2. re: anita_cocktail

              i agree with you re rub, anita cocktail. i love it when i walk in with a friend and they have 7 tables for four available but 0 tables for two, so we are told to wait for a table for two at 10pm. we then waited for 10 min and watched other 4-seaters open up but yet they still wouldn't seat us.

              we ordered our appetizers along with baby back ribs. the guy brought our drinks, 10-15 minutes later brought the apps and then about 10 minutes later we are told there are no baby back ribs. typically, other restaurants will report that they have run out of something within minutes of the order being placed. imho, they are anal about silly things and lax about the things that count. i don't hate the place as i've only been twice and have seen a lot worse in other places

            3. The guy at Rack 'n' Soul at 109th & B'way has some mighty good ribs. I wasn't as impressed by the fried chicken or the sides, but on the basis of a single visit...I'd say he has some mighty good ribs.

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              1. re: recreant

                Finally got to try RUB.

                Baby Backs: B
                good smokey flavor, not tender enough. Not touching Blue Smoke's Memphis Baby Backs. (Someone just told me the St Louies at RUB are better)

                Brisket: B-
                Again, nice flavor but a bit dry. Dinosaur's is much better. Daisy May's is a little better too.

                Pulled Pork: A-
                Close to perfection. As good as I've ever had in New York.

                Baked Beans: A+
                Wow! The smokiest, porkiest, tastiest beans I have ever had.

                1. re: Paul N

                  I agree about the baked beans and pulled pork, best in the city. The onion strings are delicious but even the small is a gut buster.

                  1. re: Paul N

                    My boyfriend and I were in NYC last weekend and travelled to Chelsea to check out this "famous" Rub's.
                    Agreed...the pulled pork was awesome. So tender. My boyfriend really loved the ribs. The chicken was also very tender. We were somewhat disappointed with the turkey (dry), brisket and ham. In case you were wondering, we ordered the Taste of the Baron.
                    To end the meal, we had their Fried Oreos bad for you but also soooo good.