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Mar 11, 2007 06:13 AM

Pizza Picazzo - Scottsdale

We went to this gourmet pizza place Friday night early (before) 6:00 and sat at the bar. We tried it on a whim after an appointment in the area. They have a full bar and the restaurant has a nice ambience. Think real restaurant as opposed to red checked corner pizzerias. The menu is enormous and loaded with interesting "gourmet" pizzas with all types of options. They have 4 different crusts - super-thin cracker crust (not recommended with a lot of toppings as the bartender told us) thin crust, regular crust and bagel crust. We went with the thin crust for my carbonara which included cheeses,carmelized onions, olive oil, garlic, canadian bacon and regular bacon. Hubby also opted for thin crust fresh spinach and bacon also with cheeses and carmelized onions. We each got a small size and WOW! They came out piping hot with a wonderfully crisp, yet chewy crust, slightly charred around the edges. They have a long list of all their toppings and you can create your own ingredients just like other pizza places but here there are more choices. We also split a small Caesar salad which, while easily enough for 2 people, was fairly tasteless. They do have a huge offering of all types of salad, appetizers and colazzos(calzones). We have been in search of great pizza that is not the home delivery type for months. We found it! This place is not cheap and some will balk at a few of the prices for a pizza place. But, it's well worth it. Small pizzas range from $7.50 to $15.50 for the specialty ones. A small is perfect for one person. While they do have a web site, the menu there is not at all the full one. It's on Frank Lloyd Wright at the first entrance on the right immediately east of Scottsdale Road.

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  1. A second Scottsdale location is opening soon @ The Shops @ Gainey Village.
    We love it and so does my nephew who has celiac disease....they offer a gluten free crust...!

    1. They also have restaurants in Chandler, Sedona and Flagstaff, and have a full gluten-free menu (pretty hard to find) that includes desserts, beer, etc. We have finally found a nice restaurant that my wife (who also has celiac disease) can enjoy her "pizza and beer", without trying to do it at home.

      We haven't tried the Caesar Salad, but some of the other salads are tasty.

      1. We frequent the one in Tempe(Warner/Kyrene) fairly frequently. I really like the Carbonara pizza on the thin crust as well. We've had several the of their pizzas on the regular crust and really like them. The salads are all good and fresh as well

        Portions are just right that if we split a salad and split a pizza we're happily sated without being too full.