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Mar 11, 2007 05:48 AM

Best home fries in Southern Maine?

I need a recommendation for where I can get good home fries. I'm biased in that I grew up in NYC where home fries are sliced or cubed potatoes with green peppers, onions and blacked flavor bits comprised of questionable but oh so tasty remnants from the grill. Sometimes there is so much grease that they stick together. mmmmm

I've been to Becky's, Uncle Andy's, and Simple Simons to name a few local greasy spoons, and all have the same kind of cubed home fries that are a little too tame and tidy for me. Any suggestions?

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  1. I had good home fries at the Porthole. They had sweet potatoes and onions mixed in.

    I don't see green peppers in home fries in Maine. Thank goodness.

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      Just went to Porthole yesterday. The home fries were fine, but not worth posting about IMHO. Just hope you get a waitress that's paying attention when you go.

    2. I second the Porthole's homefries. The ones at Bintliffs are pretty good, too- they're three potato homefries- with two kinds of white potato and sweet potato. I guess that's a southern Maine thing, huh? And the Good Egg Cafe (at Pepperclub) has some really good red potato homefries.

      Of course, the ones at the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth are ridoncuklous. Soooooo good. And you can order them as a meal (Omar's Homefries) with corn, broccoli, parmesan cheese and a little soy sauce. And a side of Anadama bread. Pitch perfect. Off topic, I know- but just thinking about it makes me want to drive down there.

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        I second the Toast's homefries, they're greasy goodness. I also like they are sliced into rounds rather than the conventual triangle/square shape at some places. They're delicious, though sometimes can get on the spicy side.

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        1. It's been a while, but I think I remember that they had good home fries at Hot Suppa.

          Hot Suppa
          703 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102