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Incredible steak at Harbour 60

Bigtigger Mar 11, 2007 05:43 AM

I hadn't been to this steak house in several years, and felt very much in sympathy with the complaints on this board re: high wine mark-ups and the deplorable practice of seating twosomes in the "gallery" - a corridor next to the kitchen.

Nonetheless, when a close and generous friend from Manhattan came to town having done his corporate due diligence and booked us a table there for Friday night, I was happy to join him as his guest.

Since his flight was early and his baggage unchecked, we arrived at the restaurant an hour early. Fully booked, they were unable to seat us early, but the friendly hostess pointed us to the bar and promised to fetch us when our table was ready.

There we spent a pleasant hour imbibing some of the best Long Islands I have quaffed in many a year ! On the bar were delicious slightly spicy shortbreads, cones of brittle strips of premium bacon and toothsome cheese straws, clearly freshly baked. This proved a propitious start to our gustatory experience.

Seated (at a pleasant table - we weren't going to put up with any "gallery" nonsense had it been tried) our pleasant if slightly robotic waiter quickly decanted our amarone - and, eschewing starters after our bar munchies - within 20 mins or so we were faced with two of the most amazing filets (14 oz) either of us had ever enjoyed in the course of lives spent eating steaks at many of the temples of beef the world affords. Cooked to a turn, seasoned to perfection and tender as you would wish, they were - outstanding. My friend enjoyed also the creamed spinach (yuk) side, as we both did the somewhat underseasoned "Lyonnaise Potatoes" which really were more like small fingerling taters fried whole with onions. Not unpleasant, but not really "lyonnaise" imho.

Dessert defeated us - his Lemon Tart and sorbet had just the right pucker factor, while my coconut cream pie was out of this world. So both of us left portions of the generous servings on our plate. An iced latte helped cut the richness of all that had preceded. And so we tottered out just after midnight, second-last table in the place, though without any suggestion of hurrying us away. The check was about $340 before tip. And we'd run up about another $70 at the bar.

I must admit to having a whole new attitude to Harbour 60. A great evening. I will be back.

  1. superchick Mar 11, 2007 04:39 PM

    the prime is phenomenal there

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