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Mar 11, 2007 03:15 AM

Help ISO Korean marinated intestines

Does anybody know of a restaurant in Ktown that specializes in marinated intestines? I know many of the BBQ places serve intestines but I'm looking for the saucy spicy kind. I think I once passed by such a restaurant but can't remember where it was. Any input will be appreciated!

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  1. I assume you're talking about soondae.

    In Korea that's a food commonly associated with street vendors (the carts are called "pojangmacha"). As you know normally it's served with salt, but since it's usually sold alongside ricecake in red pepper sauce (ddukbokki), it's easy to ask the street vendor in Seoul to slather it in the red pepper sauce (gochu-jang).

    You're not going to find anyone that "specializes" in soondae. It'll be one of 30-40 menu items.

    The difficult thing in K-town is that some places have soondae but few serve ddukbokki, so they don't keep a big vat of red sauce hot and ready to go. And when anyone makes that sauce, it's for 40 servings not 4. And if you do find a restaurant willing to make it for you, don't bother. You want a place where dukbokki turnover is high, otherwise they're going to be terribly out of practice with their sauce and it's going to taste really weird.

    Your best bet is to hit up a Ktown pub (they'd maybe call it a "hof"), the kind that stays open until 4am and has chicken wings and Korean stews on the menu. Ask if they have ddukbokki (pron "DUCK bo key") and if they do, ask if you can get "SOON day" with ddukbokki sauce. I'm sure if that place doesn't have it, they can point you to another place that does.

    Maybe just post again asking for late night watering holes in Ktown with Korean pub food.

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      Soondae is blood sausage with vermicelli noodles

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        There actually is a restaurant specializing in soondae, on 3rd St.

      2. Thanks but I'm not talking about soondae. Soondae is mainly blood and dangmyun noodles stuffed together and may look like intestines before it's cut. I'm looking for intestines aka gopchang. I know many places have gopchang in one form or another. One of my favorites is gopchang jungol (stew) but I can't seem to find the marinated kind they cook bbq style. I've only had it in Korea but I'm sure they have it here somewhere...

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          Yeah - asked for your marinated gopchang jungeol at dinner last night. Two ajummas in their 60s in attendance, both who'd lived in LA for over 30 years. "Nope, never seen it in LA".

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            The bbq menu at Si Gol on Western and Maplewood in LA listed pork belly and intestines. We bbqed the pork belly on Saturday (last weekend). The thing is, I never figured out which the intestines were. Maybe they didn't give them to us. Also, the only meat that we bbqed that was marinated was the squid. I don't know, but this place was recommended to me by people on this board who seem to know Korean food. The whole place was filled with Korean families. I think this place might have what you are looking for. I really do. Maybe they could make it for you or direct you to where you can get it.

          2. aha!

            You got me there. Guess you just need to keep your eyes peeled.

            Having dinner tonight with older Koreans, I'll ask around.

            1. Thanks papaslurp and katkoupai for your help but I guess the search will not be easy. Last night I went to a place on 6th and Serrano called Byul Gopchang, which specializes in intestines but not the marinated kind! They just had a variety of intestines. Anyway, I guess I'll just have to make it myself.

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                You're welcome, and I hope you eventually find the marinated kind that you are looking for. :)

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                  Good luck, though I can't for the life of me understand the appeal.

                  One of my favorite bars in Seoul was off of the windy parking street in Hongdae - the name of the bar itself was "gopchang jungol". They served only beer, whiskey, makkoli, and oddball pub foods. No gopchang though. The beautiful thing about the bar was that it was one of maybe 3 bars I'd been to in Korea that didn't blare pop music at you. Instead they had a massive collection of 70s Korean records - all sad and folksy singer-songwriter stuff. Thanks for the memory.

              2. Are you talking about GopChang Bokk Um? If so...

                I once had GopChang Bokk Um at Mazinga Z (corner of 8th & New Hampshire). It was really spicy and tasty, but when I went the next time they said they couldn't sell GopChang anymore, but that was a while ago. And I haven't been there in over a year, so you should try them. Anyways, you can find GopChang Bokk Um at most drinking places in K-town. Such as Prince, Hite, OB Bear, Sool Dogg and such. Enjoy!!!

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                  Oooh thanks!! I used to frequent mazinga z but never saw it on the menu but I probably wasn't looking then. I don't know why I didn't think of drinking places since gopchang bokkum is such an anju type dish. Can't wait!