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Mar 10, 2007 11:09 PM

airline food: your nominations for best in first or business class on any carrier USA or Foreign

are the days of first rate food served on real china dead and gone??

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  1. there is no more good food on the airline, they need to save all the money to pay for the security, baggage check and customer service to lesson to passanger's complant

    1. Actually, a whole website devoted to airline meals, with pix...

      1. Thai, Cathay Pacific, and Singapore are best in business, followed closely by Emirates (or Gulf Air?), Kenya Air, KLM, Luftansa, and, maybe, Air France (except the AF air crews often seem to hate people). There are many bad lines for business class food.

        Special mention for COPA based in Panama and serving Central and South America, Mexico and the US: excellent plus they cheefully give Silver Elite frequent flyers automatic upgrades to business if seats are available--no giving up miles, no grovelling.

        1. It's been a couple of years, but the meals on Alitalia were really nice.

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            I thought, so, too. And a very decent half-bottle of Italian wine came with my meal.

          2. I very recently enjoyed some lovely meals on Korean Air (JFK - Shanghai, Business Class). Full china, full bar. First course, smoked salmon with endive and some sort of dill/caper sauce. Second course, bowl of very nice tasting bibimbop (with ramen supplement). Testing to see if this attach photo function works.