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Mar 10, 2007 11:03 PM

Whole eggplant Jam and Green walnuts Jam

Has anyone heard of the Whole eggplant Jam????

its emptied eggplants boiled in sugar water... stuffed with walnuts, added with some cinnamon and lemon juice... and then left for some weeks... the result must be hardened eggplants with skin, and cut with knife, syrop flows from inside... amazing...

ever heard of that?????

next is the armenian walnut Jam... made from whole greeen walnut... I think its called popok muraba.


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  1. I love green walnut preserves. You're talking about the stuff where the nut is whole, packed in syrup, yes? Good God is that stuff amazing. It's my second favorite preserve (sour cherry is first and watermelon rind third.)

    Green walnuts are used for flavoring homemade brandies, too. Good stuff.

    I've not had eggplant jam, but since it's so porous, I could see how it would absorb the sweet so well and turn into a lovely jam.

    Send some my way! :)

    1. I just returned from Israel where I had eggplant, onion and walnut jam. OMG it was incredible as was the baby carrot jam. I'm looking for a recipe. It might be a Yemeni recipe. Lisa