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Mar 10, 2007 10:56 PM

Magic Wok didn't work for me, today...

I went to Magic Wok early today in the afternoon. This was my first and last time. I figured around 2:30pm on a Saturday wouldn't be so crowded as I made my trek to Artesia from Gardena. I just don't like dealing with crowds. I was wrong. The place was packed. I asked for a menu for a to go order. Looked it over and made some choices. A young teeny bopper pinay girl took my order. I didn't want to kill the pronunication of a couple of my items, so I named them by number on the menu. This got her upset, and she exclaimed, "Can you JUST tell me what the item is?!?" Teenagers, these days... After I pay the bill, she tells me it will be 35 minutes. I was like, :Excuse me, did you say 35 minutes?" She said yes and walked away. I thought damn, she could've been nice and told me that as she was taking my order. So, I drove around Artesia for 30 minutes with a borderline hunger headache.
I finally pick up my food and head home. First thought, I was under the impression the items would come with at least one order of rice? I opened my bad, took out the items, opened them up, and... The chicken adobo looked almost black with about five pieces of bones and skin. There was ONE piece with a lot of meat on it. Though, it was way overcooked, tough, and chewy. The pinakbet tasted good. The pancit canton was bland and was basically, all noodles without vegetables. The binagoongang baboy had a wierd taste and aftertaste to it. I know it's cooked in shrimp paste, but I've had the dish before, and it was good at other places. I was extremely hungry when I was eating this, too. Another thing, I'm not that picky, either. But, now I don't even feel like eating the leftovers. I was thoroughly disappointed in this place, though it was really packed today. I was also real careful not to react to the bad attitude of the pinay teenager at the counter. Whatever, can't win 'em all.

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  1. I've been here about 3 times...personally, I don't like the types of foods they did "well"...the bitter melon, the crispy pata, etc. My relatives like it, but I really didn't dig this place for some reason or another.

    The only pancit I like is the Pancit Malabon!

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    1. re: Xericx

      went last night...

      chicken adobo, beef steak tagalog (beef with onions), fried pusit (squid), and shrimp sinigang....all good!

      but yeah, chicken adobe didn't have much meat but liked the broth it was swimming in.....better than Barrio Fiesta

      fried squid was really good and unique....

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        Yeah, I'm not too sure I will be going back, though. I know it probably was something that just happened to me, because many people like it and it's packed most of the time. I'm not very picky at all, but that day sucked.

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      1. I have lived in Cerritos since January 08 and this is the only Filipino place in the area I keep coming back to. My usual order is the sisig and amplaya (bitter melon) with green beans. Their sisig is crispy, not the usual pig ear version (although I like the pig ear sisig better, but may not be as marketable). Also their crispy pata has to be the best I've ever had: crispy and gelatinous gooey at the same time. These dishes are also great with a bottle of San Miguel after a long hard day at work.

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          Nah, I definitely prefer my sisig crispy. That way you can mix in other goopy things, like an egg yolk. Mmm... Filipino carbonara...

        2. Yeah sorry to hear that. The place is usually packed on the weekends and I don't blamed you for complaining about the wait time for pick up. 35 minutes are harsh. I think it would had been great to call early for pickup, but I am assuming you didn't realized how packed the place was going to be.

          Rude service like that is a turn off for me too, but so far, knock on wood, I had been fairly lucky. Chicken Adobo is still my favorite at this place right next to Crispy pata. Delicious stuff.

          The other place I would go is Salo Salo Grill in Cerritos. That location is better than the Covina location. Too bad about your recent Magic Wok experience.

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            1. re: Pepsi Monster

              I haven't been on this board in quite a while! Yeah, I just dropped in there at an off hour of the day hoping to get something quick. It was packed in there though.

              I have a new filipino (well, new to me) family run spot called Original Virgie's in Lakewood off of Paramount Blvd and South St. I believe there's a 2nd location somewhere else in Cerritos, but never been there. Since I live in Lakewood now, I frequent this place quite a bit. I'm addicted to their paksiw (ham hocks).