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Mar 10, 2007 08:45 PM

Ikea ice cube trays [moved from General Topics]

These trays have printed on them "water only". So, would putting egg whites in these be hazardous?


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  1. That is a really good question.

    I don't think so -- but I think they have to put dislaimers on everything these days for the stupid people who might be trying to freeze battery acid or something silly like that...

    1. if those are the colorful trays that come in fun shapes, then i'm not surprised. i'm guessing the material (i have one, but haven't used yet) is plastic/silicone-like. and since it's IKEA, it's not the highest quality - not that i'm knocking them, i bought it too! my hunch is that whatever the material is, it *might* be porous enough to absorb whatever liquid or residue is left in it. wouldn't want to get a lawsuit over mixing chemicals (I was debating vinegar for grinding the cubes in my disposal) in the trays and getting someone ill i suppose.

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        Actually, the porous-material-theory makes perfect sense. I bought some of them too -- the long, thin ones which are great for these tall, thin glasses I use for summer cocktails.