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Mar 10, 2007 08:04 PM

Non-dairy berry dessert?

Hey, that rhymes.

I am on a campaign to finally use up all of the blackberries and raspberries I picked over the summer and stashed in the freezer. So I thought I'd use them to cap off a pretend-it's-summer dinner I'm making this week: steak on the grill, requested by the guest of honor. She keeps kosher, though, and all of my favorite berry desserts -- souffles, slumps, cobblers, ice cream -- have dairy.

Any suggestions?

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  1. A soup is an interesting and unique option with berries or stone fruits. Some orange juice to get everything started, a bit of sugar or honey and a cinnamon stick along with a piece of star anise, let it all cook down a bit and then strain (if you like) and chill it. Really refreshing and very very tasty.

    Or, you could do a crisp/cobbler and use some soy margarine (Earth Balance is quite tasty) in the topping, I don't think it'd turn out all that differently from one with butter if you kept it minimal.

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      Grapeseed oil works very well in place of butter for crisps. Just drizzle it in slowly after you've combined your other ing's. I think the crisp would be a great ending for that "summer" meal.

    2. Soy based ice creams - Trader Joe's has a new carrot cake flavor, or sorbets topped w/berries. YUM! Sandwich (raspberry and lemon b-tween two waffle wafers or chocolate lace cookies.

      1. If you want a kind of creamy contrast to the berry's acidity in a dessert that also feels summery, do a coconut milk flan with berries or look for mango and sticy rice recipes and do something with berries instead of mango.

        1. What about a pavlova w/ a berry sauce? Egg whites can be eaten w/ milk or meat.

          Do a simple granita or sorbet.

          You could toss some into the salad, and puree some and to a vinegarette.