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Non-dairy berry dessert?

Hey, that rhymes.

I am on a campaign to finally use up all of the blackberries and raspberries I picked over the summer and stashed in the freezer. So I thought I'd use them to cap off a pretend-it's-summer dinner I'm making this week: steak on the grill, requested by the guest of honor. She keeps kosher, though, and all of my favorite berry desserts -- souffles, slumps, cobblers, ice cream -- have dairy.

Any suggestions?

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  1. A soup is an interesting and unique option with berries or stone fruits. Some orange juice to get everything started, a bit of sugar or honey and a cinnamon stick along with a piece of star anise, let it all cook down a bit and then strain (if you like) and chill it. Really refreshing and very very tasty.

    Or, you could do a crisp/cobbler and use some soy margarine (Earth Balance is quite tasty) in the topping, I don't think it'd turn out all that differently from one with butter if you kept it minimal.

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      Grapeseed oil works very well in place of butter for crisps. Just drizzle it in slowly after you've combined your other ing's. I think the crisp would be a great ending for that "summer" meal.

    2. Soy based ice creams - Trader Joe's has a new carrot cake flavor, or sorbets topped w/berries. YUM! Sandwich (raspberry and lemon b-tween two waffle wafers or chocolate lace cookies.

      1. If you want a kind of creamy contrast to the berry's acidity in a dessert that also feels summery, do a coconut milk flan with berries or look for mango and sticy rice recipes and do something with berries instead of mango.

        1. What about a pavlova w/ a berry sauce? Egg whites can be eaten w/ milk or meat.

          Do a simple granita or sorbet.

          You could toss some into the salad, and puree some and to a vinegarette.

            1. A tapioca pudding made with berries or fruit juice does not need dairy.

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                Yum -- really? Every pudding I've made uses dairy. Can you point me in the right direction?

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                  Here's the simplest fruit based tapioca:
                  orange juice, sugar and tapioca.
                  Tapioca is also used as a thickener in fruit (berry) pies, so would work in a stand alone pudding. With less thickener, you get a good fruit soup.

                  Cooked in a fruit juice, the tapioca pearls remain translucent.


              2. Last week, on a fluke (with some aging apples in the fridge and frozen blueberries in the freezer) I threw together a apple blueberry crisp... I did it parve.... 6 or so apples, peeled , chopped coarsely, and about a cup of frozen wild blueberries. (I LOVE TJ's) Tossed them with lemon juice, a few table spoons of flour cinnamon, a dash of salt, and some maple syrup. Put mixture into a glass (pyrex,...all my parve stuff) Then took about a cup of oatmeal, , more cinnamon, about a 1/2 cu of brown sugar, made a crumble topping, and put it on top of the fruit mixture. Sprayed top w. a little non-stick on the crisp topping to substute for butter/oil/marg. Baked it at 375 ish, for almost as long as my chicken took....about an hour. Came out perfect! You could easily use "real" margarine for the topping...but we try to avoid it when possible. Oh, and be sure to spray the pan with non-stick stuff before putting the sugary-fruit in th pan..... It was one of my best desserts ever..

                1. Sorbet's a great idea. Or cook the berries into a chunky sauce and serve with floating islands, if eggs are ok. (If not, maybe with tofu pudding?)