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Mar 10, 2007 06:10 PM

Late lunch in Pasadena or Montrose for this Sunday

We'll be in Pasadena this Sunday and will want lunch late around 2:00 or 3:00.....coming down from Ridgecrest for the Rose Bowl Flea Market.....only hot dogs offered there!!

We're looking into something for a late either Pasadena or Montrose as its on the way home.....

We are open to most foods....just somewhere to relax, enjoy the day and have a nice lunch before we head up the 14 frwy......

I would say the Green Street Restaurant because their Diane Salad is out of this world good....we came down about 3 weeks ago and had it.....its HUGH and delicious!!! However, we want to try somewhere else just to add to our "places to eat"......

Thanks for any ideas....


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  1. Know what you mean about Green Street--that's always our pick, too. You might want to check out Mike and Anne's or Firefly Bistro, both in South Pasadena, and both have websites.

    1. Montrose has my favorite mexican restuarant Joselito's on Honolulu. the fish tacos have an amazing sweet sauce on them that im craving right now. they make a fine margartia too in small medium or large. i recommend the midori margarita on the rocks..

      1. Also in Montrose on Honolulu is the Black Cow Cafe. We love this place for a nice casual breakfast/lunch. They should be open late afternoon.