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Mar 10, 2007 05:23 PM

Best fried Calamari?

Nothing worse than getting a cold mass of bready, oil-laden calamari - who has the best around?

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  1. The wife loves fried calamari, so we order it pretty much everywhere we go, and the one and only place whose fried calamari I crave is Pomodoro. No question, the place has it's problems. Search the board and you'll find many a complaint about the service, never mind the fact that the North End location has no bathrooms. But if I had to pick one, their fried calamari is, in my mind, the gold standard.


    1. Delfinos in Roslindal has great calamari.

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        I 2nd Delfino's Great calamari also Devlins in Brighton does a nice Light Calamari I think they call it Flash Fried. It comes with a couple different dipping sauces very well done.

      2. Greek Corner, North Cambridge, does a wonderful fried calamari.

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          I forgot about Greek Corner's calamari! Surprisingly good.


        2. My recent favorite is at Teatro. I've had a hard time finding better! Very light. Two excellent dipping sauces.

          1. i just had some Calimari at Maggiano's.
            They were excellent.