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Mar 10, 2007 04:57 PM

Rick's in Pasadena

I heard this place is closing and or for sale. Is this true? I think the burritos there are the best. Anyone know if they are just relocating? If so where?


Walnut & El Molino

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  1. I haven't heard this. I have read good things about the place, and there always seem to be people eating there on the benches and tables in front. That would be sad.

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      1. They are being forced out to build more of those lovely apartment buildings that are just blossoming up all around Pasadena. However, they will be around for at least another 8 months (they were supposed to be closed by the end of last year but just recently got an extension from their landlord). Apparently, they had offered to purchase the land that the building sat on for many years, but the landlord had always turned them down. Also, the dentist office just south of Rick's on El Molino and the other building east of their parking lot will also be torn down. They are currently looking for another location that has good traffic, is not cost-prohibitive, etc. If anyone has any ideas, please let them know.
        I love their tacos and tostadas.

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          What about that location in Green St. near PCC? I think it used to me a taco stand a couple years ago?

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            The old Las Ruina's space. Every time I drive by, I check to see it that "Not for Rent" sign is still there and it is. I wish Las Ruinas was still around!!!

        2. Their burgers and beef burritos are amazing. Fries too. Just a great stand, and it'll be sad to lose it. I'm sure they'll get another extension, as the owner I'm sure will run into City planning delays to get their community approved. Thank god for beurocrats (at least in this case...)

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            Good point. I never think of bureaucracy as a good thing, but in this case, perhaps the delay will ensure more happy eating. :)

          2. Well I'm glad that it seems they'll stay for another (8) months. But their story is part of the tragic side of what is happening to Pasadena. Ricks might not be the greatest burger stand in the world, but it is a charming Pasadena landmark. Everyone from the luxe-condo dwellers next door, to folks from the hood up north go there, and many more as well.

            The posted notice is amusing to me: "We are currently looking for another location that has good traffic, is not cost-prohibitive, etc. If anyone has any ideas, please let us know." Well......Unfortunately that is becoming more and more of a pipe dream in the Crown City.

            I grew up in Pasadena and my Twilight Zone-esque , distopian vision of the town is that there won't be anymore original restaurants or businesses of any kind there. Every single building will be replaced by a so-called 'mixed-use luxury apartment' complex, and every block will be anchored by a Starbucks, and either a Quizno's or a corporate fish-taco chain.