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Mar 10, 2007 04:55 PM

Lunch in Alhambra on Monday

Driving out to Alhambra lunch-ish on Monday to look at a car (dealership in on Main St.) Hardly ever out to this neck of the woods so really want to take advantage and lunch somewhere interesting -(as in the kind of food you just can't get in West Hollywood). Up for anything. What do you got?

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  1. vietnamese food is the way to go. golden deli is quite popular on Las Tunas. i always have to get a vietnamese iced coffee when i'm there.

    1. If it's just you, there's a smallish Szechuan place on the north side of Main, between Garfield and Atlantic. It seems to change names often, but it's very spicy and good, and probably different Chinese food than you've had anywhere near WeHo. There's a little buffet counter with some interesting appetizers. Its previous iteration was more popular and had a wider variety but this one's still good. The hot pots are very hot and the stir-fried lamb dishes are interesting if you like lamb. Just note they speak absolutely no English aside from possibly "yes" and "no". It may (or may not) be called "Best Szechuan".

      I believe it's across from Triumphal Palace, which you could also try. Next door there's a SGV tea place (often packed with kids) that could complete your stranger-in-a-strange-land experience. Can someone more familiar with this spot fill in the names better? Sorry!

      That whole stretch along Main/Las Tunas between Atlantic in Alhambra and Mission in San Gabriel is a major chow hotspot. Enjoy!

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        Triumphal Palace is the only place I've eaten in Alhambra. YUM!!! (although my mother still hasn't forgiven them for spilling wine all over her)

      2. Just a few others incl. Wahib's a little farther east down Main (Lebanese, but good alternatives in Hollywood?). For sort of Vietnamese-Chinese, there's Newport Seafood (Las Tunas/Mission) - better w/ 3+ people, but maybe get a few takeout items. There's also a newish soul food place on the north side of Main ("Angelena's") but I haven't tried it so can't recommend it.

        1. I'd go to Golden Deli, since Luscious Dumpling (my personal fave) isn't open on Mondays. Some like Mission 261, too. I've not been there yet, but it has been recommended.

          1. for hong kong cafe style food, I recommend Baccali on Garfield/Valley. In my opinion, they have the best curry beef stew..