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If you've read Omnivore's Dilemma...

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...and you still want to order meat out and prepare it at home, then can you give me any recs for where to go in LA to eat and/or buy good meats.

thanks in advance

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    1. Trader Joes has grassfed beef. The brand is usually Western Grasslands. The varieties/cuts aren't always predictable, but it's usually pretty good. I also buy only Alaskan salmon, which is always wild. Another source of clean meat is Australia/New Zealand lamb. I occasionally buy grassfed bison at my local farmer's market. I also know someone who hunts and fishes, and is very careful about packing and transporting the meat. I always say yes when he's offering bass or venison. I ordered some locally raised organic chickens one time through a place online. Google Local Harvest. The chicken was good, but expensive. I only ordered it once.

      I'm not as on top of things when eating out. Lamb is probably the cleanest thing in most places. Most salmon is Atlantic (farmed), and I won't touch that. Otherwise, organic/free range meat is usually found only at really high-end places.

      I read Omnivore's Dilemma, also, and try to shop as local and non-factory as possible. In addition to the meats above, I avoid dairy with hormones and get virtually all my produce at a certified farmer's market.

      Hope this was helpful.

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        1. I will just echo Vickib's response and add that grassfed beef can be ordered online and I believe I have seen it on occasion at the Hollywood Farmer's Market on Sundays.

          Michael Pollan, the author of Omnivore's Dilemma maintains a website and posts have included his correspondence with Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey about US Grass Fed Beef and the lack thereof at his stores.

          1. There's a meat guy at the Santa Monica farmer's market on Saturdays. I'm not sure if it's grass-fed though, I've never checked it out. It's in the organic section though.