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Mar 10, 2007 04:40 PM

Why is it impossible to find bread flour in Manhattan?

I've been to Fairway and Whole Foods thinking I could just get a bag of white bread flour since I've been into making bread lately. But all I could find are all-purpose or wheat flour or flour from other grains, but not bread flour. Maybe there's an obvious source, but I haven't found it. Where do you get yours?

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  1. Go to any bakery-- I know- a dying breed in Manhattan, but in Astoria, I always buy bread flour and yeast cake from my local bakery, Gian Piero's.

    1. Whole Foods carries Arrowhead Mills. They've got various flours for breads.
      Worth a look --->

      I vaguely remember International Foods carrying some also. I know they carry pastry flour. Give them a call before you go:

      Ninth Av International Foods Limited
      543 9th Ave
      New York, NY 10018

      (212) 279-1000

      1. D'agostino carries Gold Medal's Harvest King bread flour.

        1. I know this is the Manhattan board but every Super Stop & Shop in Queens carries bread flour. I saw 5lb bags just this morning, in case you happen to be in the area...also, have you checked Fresh Direct?

          1. if you want fresh (and expensive) the guy at Union Sq Greenmarket that has lots of hot peppers in the summer also sell artisanal flour - close to B&N, northside of the market.