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Mar 10, 2007 04:38 PM

Is Cafe La Gaffe still open (onBaldwin)?

Used to love this place, warm, inviting, cozy.......
Food was very good
Havent been in years........just wondering if they are still there?

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  1. Here's their phone number, NFA. (416) 596-2397. You could try calling.

    1. Yes they are still there. I had lunch there last week. Not much has changed in a couple of years.

      I had the warm brie and bacon salad. The salad was topped off with lots of bacon and the brie melted on cornbread was delicious. But the salad was overdressed. I will ask for dressing on the side next time. My lunch companion had the pasta special (I forget what was in it) he said it was very good.

      If you liked it before you'd like it now. Same menu, slowish service and huge portions.

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      1. re: cookiebaker

        Don't go. Went to La Gaffe a few nights ago after not having visited in a number of years. It was was truly terrible. Lousy food, lousy service (completely unprofessional) and nothing like it used to be. The waiter kept putting his fingers on the rim of the water glass as he was filling it up and then he argued with me denying what he had done! Obviously not the same ownership and these guys are sailing on the restaurant's former reputation. Don't go.

        1. re: carrot stick

          I went there last August and had a similar experience. My dining companion was shocked as he'd had many pleasant experiences there in the past. I certainly have no desire to go again.

          1. re: basileater

            Was just there this week. Food I thought was pretty good, but yes the service was horrible.

            1. re: shylo

              My friends used to rave about this place... So I went once and found it utterly atrocious!

              1. re: Non Doctor

                Cafe La Gaffe used to be quite good when it was on Kensington about 15 years ago. Stephen Gardiner of Fressen was the chef, though it wasn't vegetarian. But it burned down and the new (?) owners relocated to Baldwin Village and it's never been as good. Very ordinary.

                1. re: Non Doctor

                  I went for lunch last week and it was quite awful. The risotto was filled with grease!?. The service was ok though.