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Best Mussels in Nassau County

Any one have any recommendations for the best mussels in Nassau County, LI??

Thanks a bunch, Em

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  1. Waterzooii(maybe only "1" "i") in Garden City has wonderful mussels. You get them by the pot with your choice of sauce on them. Great beers there too! Enjoy!!

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      Waterzooi it is. The mussels with goat cheese are my favorite. Really good place.

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        I haven't been in there in probably a year, so outdated information, but my favorite mussels at Waterzooi by far have been those in lobster sauce.

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          I too, like the lobster sauce. But also like the oreganata. sometimes there are too many breadcrumbs but the flavor overall is what I think of when I think of mussels (non-marinara)

      2. Will third you on Waterzooi in Garden City. My favorite has always been the paella moule pot, bring a friend or two because one feeds about four.

        Also don't miss the sweet potato gnocci.

        1. Add my vote to Waterzooii. Consistently the best mussels and frites.

          1. ... a bunch of belgian brews on tap to quaff it down with and good crusty bread to mop the sauce with...

            1. Bistro Citron in the Village of Roslyn.

              1. Sage Bistro, Merrick Rd. Bellmore.

                1. I had really good mussels at Sutton Place in Long Beach -- Angry Tomato -- very spicy good. Waterzooi -- over rated

                  1. Thanks everyone for your replies. My husband just got back from Iraq (he's in the marine corps) in October and I've been in HI since. We're going back home to visit our families and will definitely give Waterzooii a try and hopefully the other places mentioned. I'm def taking him to Bar Tabac in Brooklyn (my hometown) as well. I heard they have great mussels too but it's a french place so will be a little different then the italian prepartion.

                    1. There are two Waterzooi's in Nassau County. I've eaten at both and found the mussels Homard (in a lobster bisque-type sauce) better in the Garden City restaurant vs the Rockville Center restaurant. G.C. is also larger. Whether it's mussels, steak or dessert, Waterzooi is one of my favorite restaurants anywhere, and I travel all over the country for both pleasure and work. It's pricey, but the service is usually quite good, too. In addition, although I don't drink, they have an extensive list of over 100 brands of beer from Belgium, including Frambois, and a large choice of flavored martinis. The desserts are phenomenal.

                      Some of the entre's are a bit small and not for the hungry person, but they have a steak that is like butter and big enough for 2 people. The pots of mussels can easilty feed 2-3 people as an entre. They have a variety of mussel pots, such as the Homard, Thai, Oregenata, Provencal, Bouillabaise, Fra Diavalo, etc. There was only one I thought was awful, and that was the one with goat cheese. I usually like goat cheese, but, trust me, it doesn't go well in a pot of mussels!

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                        the rockville centre waterzooi is no mas.