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Mar 10, 2007 04:05 PM

Good Food and comfortable in Fort Green/Clinton Hill

A group of five friends is getting together to wish our good friend who is very pregnant a very happy birth. We would like a comfortable, not noisy place where the food is very good and we can talk. Most importantly, a place where a pregnant girl can sit comfortably ( not tight quarters where she will have to squeeze into a table : ) Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. We have only been there for brunch so far, but my husband and I enjoy Chez Lola on Myrtle Avenue. They have a nice menu, pleasant waitstaff, a warm and relaxed environment, and nice silk cushions available for the bench seating around the restaurant. The volume in the restaurant on all occasions we have been there for brunch has been very conducive to conversation; again, I'm not sure if the vibe is different for dinners, but it may be a place to consider.

    1. Thomas Biesel has a spacious dining room and the noise level is pretty moderate. The food is really good, but it's Austrian, which can be a little understated for some. Alternatively, A Bistro is small - only five or six four tops - so a large party could pretty much take over the entire place. Again, the food is terrific - bistro offerings with west African accents.