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Mar 10, 2007 04:02 PM

Lizano Salsa from Costa Rica

I was just introduced to this wonderful condiment. I added it to my refried beans today and used it as a dip for grilled porkchops. Truly addictive!

Does anyone have any other recipes using this sauce?

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  1. I love salsa lizano! It is the perfect accompaniment to fried eggs. Glad to hear you've discovered it; look forward to other people's suggestions.

    1. It's my favorite condiment. I no longer use ketchup. It's perfect fo grilling. My favorite Costa Rican restuarant uses it on all of their sandwiches. A steak sandwich (Philly cheesesteak) or a burger is perfect.

      1. oh man - after our trip to costa rica, my husband went online and stocked up on huge bottles of this stuff. it's pretty tasty on rice and beans, but that's not very imaginative. sorry.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I use it to perk up my soups. It seems to do just the trick. Problem, I've run out. Where to buy in NYC?

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            1. Pura Vida -- Do you put it on the chicken/pork after bbq'ing it or just brush it on while cooking? I brought some lizano back from Costa Rica and I want to cook something with my last remaining precious drops!