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Mar 10, 2007 03:50 PM

Bergamo & Como in March?

We're heading out to this area and want to have some leads on some solid trattoria and great restaurants. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Hello,

    I have a "response" and a recommendation. The "response:" In Bergamo Alta there is the Coop Cita Alta. The food isn't bad and I would even say its above average. However, it's not special. This is a real local place with a big garden in the back where you sit under trestles with a view of a bocce court. It's real informal and laid back but the people are nice. It was a great lunch spot and it has a lot of character. I would go back. In Bergamo don’t forget to try the famous polenta alle ossa cake. You won’t miss it. It’s in the window of practically every shop in town. However, you won’t really see it elsewhere.

    When you say Como do you mean the town or the lake? My recommendation is to skip the town and head to Varenna, Menaggio and Bellagio. Varenna is my favorite of these places. A short walk from the town (uphill all the way) is the Castello di Vezio, by itself nothing special but with commanding views of the lake. On the way there you walk through the little town of Vezio (town is too big a word actually). In Vezio there is a restaurant called Il Portichetto. It has a nice outdoor seating area and excellent food featuring regional dishes like polenta and lake fish. They also have a website

    Enjoy your trip.

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      I think you'll enjoy Bergamo, a beautiful and overlooked city which I visit regularly for business and friends. in Citt'alta I can recommend Osteria Sole, right off the main square. They, like many restaurants in Bergamo feature polenta taragna, a version with a local cheese. Its a locals' kind of place, with good food, and pizza in the evenings as well. In Bergamo basso, try Pasta Basta, another locals' place-- friendly and quite good. And finally, be sure to take a coffee or apertivo at Cafe Funicolare, at the top of the funicular railway.

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        I second badwaiter's suggestion to stay outside the town of Como. I spent a week in Bellagio in October and it was lovely. I'd be happy to dig up the names of some restaurant highlights if your trip is going to take you there.

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          My mom and I are going the 31st of May until the 8th of June - we are staying in Veranna -- would love some recommendations. I checked out the rec above and hope to hit Il Portichetto. Also going to be in Milan on the 8th and 9th before flying out - any recs for simple trattatorias would be appreciated

      2. In the Citt'Alta there is an inn - Leone d'Oro - which specializes in game meats and polenta. It's sa hope of ours to get there one day with a reservation. Check it out.

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          Lake Como: Il Gatto Nero (make a reservation and request a table with a view)
          Via Monte Santo, 69 , Phone: 031.512042

          Antica Salumeria Laghetto: (Best panini in Milan) Via Laghetto, 3, Phone: +39 02 76316698

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            Thanks for the recommendations - is Il Gatto Nero in Veranna?