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Mar 10, 2007 03:35 PM

Peking Duck Charlotte NC

Looking for the chinese resturants in Charlotte that specialize in Peking Duck

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  1. Have you tried Hong Kong BBQ inside Asian Corners Mall? It's not a restaurant, it's a takeout place, but they do ducks, chickens and golden pork.

    1. Anybody have any recent knowledge of a Chinese restuarant in Charlotte that has Peking Duck on the menu?

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        I am a big fan of Peking Duck and it is hard to find. First I would call Dim Sum restaurant and check if they will prepare this for you. It's not on the menu but they might do this will advance notice that you want it. A while back Tin Tin a buffet place used to have this a the dinner buffet. It was not the best Peking Duck by any means but it was tasty and worth having.

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          GFL - I'm pleased to report that I went to Dum Sum for dinner last night, and they had Peking Duck on the menu. We ordered it, and it was excellent.

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            On the menu, thanks thats good to know. Try going back some weekend for lunch and enjoy Dim Sum served from rolling carts. I think you will love the entire experience.

        2. If you like Peking Duck, I highly recommend the roasted duck off the Cantonese menu at 88 China Bistro. It's not the same as Peking Duck, but it is delicious and has some of that crispiness to the skin that makes Peking Duck so good. You have to request the Cantonese menu, as it is not on the American-style menu.

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            While I agree it is delicious and while you do say it is not Peking Duck
            I must say it is a whole nother world and at least for me will not do the trick for my Peking Duck jones.