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Mar 10, 2007 03:19 PM

Dario's Mediteranean in Carlsbad

I just stumbled upon Dario's @ the old Togo's location In the VOn's shopping center at El camino and the 78. That was a mouthful.

Very fortunate stumble on my part. I went in to check out the menu and thanked myself for being curious.

THe place used to be a Togos sandwich shop. The owner got rid of togos yet still offers the same sandwiches. I would occaionally get a Togo's sub, but for the most part it did not pull me in. Apparantly in December the owner shut down the Togo's and reopened as a Mediteranean restaurant. Mediteranean is pretty broad and this menu is more Persian/ middle east. Which for me is fantastic. I love Persian food.

I ordered the lunch combo to go. It is comprised of a beef koobideh skewer and chicken barg skewer, both were very good, especially the barg. The basmati rice with tah cheen(saffron) rice was buttery and delicious. A charred Tomato was included as was a nice little salad.

THe food was great and I will be a frequent customer. In fact I will be taking my little lady and kids for dinner. I feel a persian binge coming on.

NOrth COunty is sorely lacking in ethnic cuisines and this is a welcome addition. By the way prices are very inexpensive. Dinners are only $8 bucks!!

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  1. Great Report and cool story that passion for food won out over chain dreck.

    I am not very familiar with persian cuisine -what flavorings/preparations does 'barg' entail? And isnt 78 in Oceanside?

    anything else noteworthy on the menu? & how was business when you visited?

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      78 runs between oside and carlsbad. I live in the area and did not know of the change. They need more business and i like having persian nearby, so please send people to the restaurant.
      I went back for dinner tonight and got it to go. My kids wwere doing an Irish dance show and we could not eat the take out for an hour after.THE FOOD WAS STILL HOT! Awesome.
      If you are new to persian you are in for a treat. It is very savory and flavorful not to mention colorful and pleasing to the eye.

      THey call it mediteranean at the restaurant but sure looks like Persian to me. I will mention to the owners that they should advertise the Persian aspect. When i initially drove by I almost did not stop thinking that it was yet another Italian restaurant of which I think there are 50,000 in the San Diego area.

      The food is prepared well. I will be a regular customer. I can say without hesitation that there are few places in North COunty worthy of regular visits. So far this place qualifies. thanks

    2. Sean.. I will try it very soon. Thanks for the info. We've got to frequent good places so they will stay here in No. County. The great places are few and far between here. Never knew there was a Togo in that spot and I shop at that Vons alot.

      1. I live nearby. Is it close to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf? Or is it closer to the WaMu? I will try it. Thanks for the rec.

        1. i think it is directly next door to the coffee bean.

          1. I keep going to Darios and having great food. Very consistent. Where are my fellow chowhounds. We all complain about how North COunty is devoid of food choices yet I am not hearing about people trying Dario's. COme on people show some support.

            Dario has a buy six get one free card just like they had for sandwiches. How can you beat that? I usually get the combo and it is goooood.

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            1. re: SeanT

              Sounds great.. are they open Sundays?? Maybe i will request that as my mom's day lunch before going to the beach. We usually go to the Armenian cafe.

              1. re: SeanT

                Thanks for the post! I'll be there to check this out. I don't know how I missed it.

                1. re: snort

                  Me too, they're right by my bank - I know what I'm having for dinner Friday night :)