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Bristol Farms Ice Cream

PommeDeGuerre Mar 10, 2007 02:21 PM

No deep insight here or taste by taste breakdown; just a brief opinion. Generally speaking I enjoy the products that I purchase at Bristol Farms. I find the majority of what they sell to be of a very decent quality which nearly always exceeds what I would find at the "regular" major groceries (Ralphs, Albertsons, Vons....), and of course it costs a bit more because of their marketing higher quality items (or the demand for such.) But I find their "Bristol Farms" ice cream in pints to be sorely lacking, at least at the price they charge which is about the same as for Ben & Jerry's and only slightly less than McConnell's. Main issues: too much air whipped in, too much of a granular, icy feel on the tongue, and a thin, watery consistency when melting. If the Nutritional Guide on the package didn't assure me that there was a good deal of fat in this, I would be tempted to think that it was ice milk. Flavors are OK, but for $3.50/pint, Ben & Jerry's is the minimum target and you need to aim higher if it's a store brand, which have traditionally been a relative bargain, even at higher end stores. So, Bristol Farms, please strive for Dr. Bob's (which probably isn't doable), and perhaps you'll get lucky and reach McConell's.