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Mar 10, 2007 01:38 PM

Good places for an omnivore and a vegetarian in Madrid?

So here's a challenge: I am a committed eats-anything hound traveling in Madrid for a week starting this Tuesday and hoping to have as much great food as possible...and/but I'll be with a friend of mine who is a vegetarian and avoids dairy. Can I get some help from the Madrid hound crowd?

We'll definitely be looking for a strictly vegetarian meal or two, but we're primarily looking for fantastic all-around places that can also be vegetarian-friendly. Have heard Gula Gula as one recommendation.

Appreciate any help we can get.


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  1. I admit its tough going to madrid if you are vegetarian, cuz even the salads and veggies have meat. The best bet is to eat tortilla española (potatoes and eggs0 which is super nummy or go and eat in some of the many Arab restaurants, the best being Al-Jaima on Calle Barbieri, but make sure to make a reservation

    1. I know this is resurrecting an old thread, but here goes...

      A vegetarian I met yesterday in Madrid (who has lived in Madrid for a year) has indicated that you have to be extra careful when asking if something doesn´t have meat in it, because (even if you speak spanish) if you ask them, they will often not count chicken (or maybe other things) as "meat".

      He´s literally gone to places, asked if something had meat, and they´d say no, and then he´d ask if it had chicken in it, and they´d say yes.

      Like the movie Everything Is Illuminated, where the Ukrainians ask the main character if he eats sausage, right after he says he´s vegetarian.

      There are several Indian places around town, which usually have vegetarian food, but I´m not sure how good/authentic it is.

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        If he was using the word "carne," then it's a problem of semantics. The word "carne" doesn't include fish and (for some) wouldn't include fowl, either. On most menus, carnes and aves (fowl) are separate sections. So it's a really a simple miscommunication. If you want to ask if a dish is vegetarian, it would be safest to ask: "¿Este plato lleva carne, ave, pescado, mariscos, o jamón?"