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Mar 10, 2007 12:49 PM

Supermarket on Long Island with big Passover selection (and low prices)?

Is there a supermarket on Long Island (hopefully Nassau) that has a really large selection? I remember many yeas ago, the Foodtown (now Stop & Shop) in East Meadow used to have a separate store. Do they still have that?

For the past several years we've been going to the Pathmark in Monsey (we live in Westchester now), but last year their prices weren't that great so I'm not going back, plus we will be in Nassau tomorrow. We're going to the Shoprite in Plainview but was wondering if there is something better.


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  1. Brachs! in the 5 towns (Lawrence)

    Gourmet Glatt (Cedarhurst

    Supersol (Lawrence


    Of the three Brachs is larger and has lower prices and free parking.

    These three stores are minutes from each other!

    1. What's wrong with Supersol in NR?

      1. I've never been to Supersol in NR (plus from when I am in Westchester, I can get to Monsey faster). I went to the one in Scarsdale once and was not impressed. And I've never found any of these places to be as cheap as Shoprite/Pathmark on the normal "mass market" Passover stuff, like borscht for 79c, egg matzah (I know many don't eat it but my wife and kids refuse to eat the real stuff) for $1.99, etc.

        1. I realized that after I posted. You're right. The big supermarkets do carry the basics at lower prices.

          1. I find that Brachs in Lawrence able to hold its own compared to the other local supermarkets. Of course the local supermarkets always manages to have a very few low ball items. I find that when my shopping is done I will usually spend less at Brachs. This I think is primary due to the extremely high prices that all the supermarkets seam to have for fruits and vegetables. I also am tired of having to look at labels for kashrus. It is a nice feeling to see aisle after aisle of nothing but kosher items.

            You know, if you remove all the non-kosher items from the other supermarkets, they are really just a small store. I don't know how many of you have seen Brachs, but it is huge.

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              I totally agree with you. I actually travel from Brooklyn to go there The fact that there is parking is a huge plus. I don't find their prices to be any more expensive than others and like you said, the fact that you can by ANYTHING in the store w/o having to hope for it to be kosher is fantastic. The take out counter could use some help though.