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Mar 10, 2007 12:36 PM

Greek in Rockville MD

I saw something recently about a good Greek restaurant in Rockville, owned by a couple of young Greek-American guys (I think). Not Mykanos. Can anyone tell me the name of the place I'm thinking of?

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  1. You may be thinking of Ambrosia. It is located in the Montrose Crossing Shopping Center. I find it pretty tasteless but many people seem to like it.

    1. I think both of the Ambrosias (Original & Grill) have been family owned for years as has Theo's ( ) near Wootton High School.

      The "Original Ambrosia" in Montrose Crossing still serves an honest Greek- diner breakfast that they brought over from the "pre-split" location (now site of REI?).

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        I like Mykonos a lot, but am not a fan of Theo's. Pricy and mediocre.

        Had a nice meal at the Ambrosia Grill on Saturday night. Nothing fancy, but basic Greek food prepared well. Reasonably priced and huge portions.

      2. im pretty sure youre thinking of Cava. It's near falls grove in rockville. i recommend it. think zaytinya type food.